Ergonomic Design

From the minute you sit down, you’ll feel the difference. Our engineers created seats that complement the contour of your body, making it easy to relax, naturally. Once you’re wrapped in comfort of the form fitting seats, strategic jet placement delivers targeted hydrotherapy from head to toe.


stressrelief-seats hot tub features

StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™

Reverse molding is the secret to soothing neck and shoulder hydrotherapy that goes beyond the usual.

bio-magnetic hot tub features

Master Force™ Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

Magnetic therapy was used for centuries to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling and alleviate stiffness. Today, more and more doctors and physical therapists are returning to the healing effects of magnetic therapy.

Sights & Sounds

dream lighting

Dream Lighting*

At night, Dream Lighting provides a warm and inviting glow to the exterior corners of your Twilight Series Spa. This option will be a beautiful accent to your backyard design.

fusion sound system for hot tubs

Fusion Touch Sound System*

Controlled entirely by the spa control touch pad, this optional hot tub sound system includes two topside speakers, two external backlit speakers and a subwoofer to maximize sound quality. With this system, you can connect your cellphone or tablet through Bluetooth® to stream music, television shows or movies.


Noise Reduction System

Our exclusive Noise Reduction System (NRS) brings a quieter, calmer and more relaxing spa experience. The secret lies in an exclusive motor mount developed by Master Spas.


Wi-Fi Module*

Now you can set the mood of your hot tub from the convenience of your Apple® or Android® device prior to entering. With the optional integrated Wi-Fi module that works with the Balboa Water Group Wi-Fi Spa Control app, you can remotely control how your hot tub operates, including the lighting, water temperature and running massage pumps.

Pure Enjoyment

ecopur-slant for hot tubs

EcoPur® Charge Water Purification

The EcoPur® Charge filtration system uses low amounts of copper and zinc oxides to naturally purify hot tub water and reduces the need for harsh chemicals.

energy efficient hot tubs

Energy Efficient

Better insulation means lower energy costs. We use Icynene foam technology that has dramatically raised the standard over urethane foam insulation systems used by almost all U.S. spa manufacturers.

* Indicates an Optional Feature

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