Taking the plunge and purchasing your first hot tub is incredibly exciting. But making the best choice requires careful consideration. As a new buyer, you may feel overwhelmed. And if you’re anything like the average consumer, you’ve likely turned to the internet for guidance. Well, you’re in luck. As hot tub and swim spa professionals, we’re breaking down everything you should inspect and triple-check before investing in the hot tub of your dreams.

So, what are some things to consider when purchasing a hot tub?

There is always more to a purchase than price. From business ratings to special features and customer service, let’s walk through everything you may forget.


A hot tub can look beautiful on the inside. But what happens to that stunning exterior when it’s sunny, rainy, or downright damp? It’s important to make sure the tub you’ve selected is made from sturdy exterior materials. Tubs made of poly steel plastic are resistant to the elements (sunshine, rain, snow) and will not scratch! Beware of tubs made from synthetic materials that easily scratch, break, or succumb to a drop of moisture.


This one’s especially important for first-time buyers who may be more likely to regret a purchase. You’d hate to be stuck with a half-ton tub because of no warranty (a red flag in itself). If you’re unfamiliar with a brand, ask if the tub comes with a warranty, what the warranty covers, and who underwrites the warranty. Most warranties last between one to five years.

Customer Service

When you’ve got a burning question about your swim spa, the last thing you want is a voicemail or email address to nowhere. Ask about a company’s commitment to customer service. Do they have a working phone number? Does someone respond to your email inquiries? Are the customer service representatives helpful and friendly? We recommend testing their customer service before purchasing.


You may be worried about your hot tub’s exterior – water temperature, jets, solid exteriors. While these are all important considerations, what’s inside your hot tub is just as important. That means solid insulation that works hard to maintain your tub’s water temperature throughout the day and throughout the seasons. Check for tubs with full-foam insulation.

BBB Rating

Hot tubs aren’t like nail polishes, golf clubs, or even bed frames. Once you make the hefty purchase and commit to backyard installation, in some ways, you’ve committed to a company. To make sure the company you’re dealing with is legitimate, ask a salesperson if the hot tub manufacturer is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and what its rating is. A good rating ensures the business acts in a trustworthy manner. You wouldn’t trust an influencer without that coveted blue checkmark, so make sure your hot tub manufacturer has the business equivalent.

Special Features

Before purchasing a hot tub or swim spa, it’s important to ask yourself why you’re buying. Is it primarily for relaxation? Are you an athlete looking for extra training space? Do you suffer from joint pain and long for some backyard hydrotherapy? Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever your reasoning, make sure that the tub you’re about to purchase fits your needs. If you’re searching for pain relief, make sure the tub has strategically placed jets and smooth currents ideal for in-spa exercise.


You’ve just made the fantastic decision to invest in a hot tub or home swim spa. Whether you’re the next Michael Phelps or just looking for ways to relax at home, prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. But before you sign the dotted line, cross everything off the above checklist to prepare yourself for a safe and worthwhile adventure.

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