One way to squeeze every drop of joy out of your hot tub is to practice routine maintenance. While every Master Spas hot tub has an advanced filtration system to ensure top-notch cleanliness, it’s still essential to deep clean your tub every few months, especially if you’re a frequent user or have young children splashing around.

So, what are the best ways to clean your hot tub?

A home spa is like a family member – it needs personalized care and attention. Take note of your tub’s mineral buildup, shine, pH levels, and filtration systems and create an individualized clean routine. With a little light maintenance, you can enjoy a fresh, clean dip every time you’re ready to relax.

Follow the five-step process

Drain. Wipe. Spot Treat. Rinse. Repeat. As a rule of thumb, hot tubs should be drained every six months for a deep clean. Next, wipe your tub down with a soft cloth and chemical cleaner. When it comes to cleaners – balance is key. Cleaners should remove dirt, grime, and bacteria without using harsh chemicals that damage your tub’s acrylic surface.

Third, take the time to remove mineral build-up using white vinegar, a mild scale remover product, or a Magic Eraser. Nipping build-ups in the bud prevents the gunk and bacteria from accumulating, hardening, and becoming impossible to remove further down the line.

When you’ve removed all noticeable build-up, rinse your tub with fresh water from a garden hose. Water and a soft towel will remove any residual chemicals that your cleaners may have left behind. After all, the last thing you want when refilling your tub is a foamy surprise.

Create a routine

Create a cleaning schedule that you can stick to so maintenance becomes second nature. Rinse your hot tub and replace the EcoPur filter every six months and, especially if you’re a new tub owner or have young swimmers floating around, test your tubs’ chemical levels weekly to ensure pH levels are just right.

And remember – when in doubt, consult a professional! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Cover it up!

Covering your swim spa or hot tub isn’t just essential for keeping your children safe. It’s imperative for maintaining a clean tub. Debris from the outdoors quickly contaminates clean water and heat from the sun can damage your tub’s acrylic lining. When your tub’s not in use, use an insulating spa cover approved by Master Spas for maximum protection.

Success is in the details

Remembering the little things will save your spa. Remove and rinse your spa pillows if you’ve got them, pay attention to the harshness of your chemical cleaner, and frequently test your pH levels. A small misstep in your cleaning routine can have a massive impact on your spa’s sanitation.

Related Questions

How expensive are chemical cleaners?

While costs depend, between the bromine and chlorine needed to sanitize and balance water, chemicals cost roughly $10 to $20 per month if you’re cleaning regularly. A small price to pay for safety.

What are the risks of swimming in dirty hot tubs?

Hot tubs that see continuous use without proper sanitation are a petri dish of bacteria. A combination of chlorine, bodily fluids, and chlorine-resistant parasites can cause rash, irritation, and in more serious cases, E.Coli, Legionnaires’ Disease, and waterborne diseases such as Crypto and Giardia.

Because hot water breaks down pool disinfectants much faster than cold pool water, your risk of infection skyrockets when compared to a full-sized pool…especially when you’ve neglected to break out the bottles of cleaner.

Do I need to clean my filter?

Yes! Clean your filter regularly to ensure water is being properly sanitized in between full rinse cleanings. Your EcoPur should be replaced every six months alongside drainage. Maintaining a fresh filter also extends the lifespan of your spa and its elements. Win-win.


You wouldn’t let your dog spend months without a bath, so don’t leave your hot tub hanging. Once you learn to routinely care for your home spa, your home spa will always care for you.

More questions about hot tub maintenance? Please contact Paradise Spas and Out Door Living or for starters and refer to your owner’s manual. Happy relaxing!

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