When shopping for the perfect swim spa, it can be overwhelming looking at the various types. What are the benefits and features of each? How will I know which one is right for me?

Why should you invest in a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa?

Among the many benefits and features of this swim spa, it’s worth noting the following:

  • Swimming
  • Fitness
  • Family-friendly
  • Therapy
  • Wave Technology
  • SwimNumber App
  • Master-crafted
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy maintenance
  • Premium

If you’re not sold already on the Phelps swim spa, let’s unpack the features a bit further.

Perfect for Swimming

When you think of a swim spa, you might be thinking of possible limitations due to the spa’s size. But don’t worry. Just look at the name. This line of swim spas, clearly inspired by Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps, provides plenty of surface area to swim, with few obstructions to your path. No worrying about steps or parts of the spa getting in your way.

Stay in Your Best Shape

Swim spas are commonly used for hydrotherapy. The temperature of the spa combined with moderate aquatic exercise makes for a perfect athletic combination. You get the resistance of weight training thanks to the water, with much lower-impact exercises at your fingertips. Oh, and not to mention the sheer convenience of working out from the comfort of your backyard!

Perfect for the In-Laws and Kids

No, swim spas aren’t just for Michael Phelps. Swim spas can be a source of fun and exercise for everyone in the family. Along with the range of settings available to you, check out the LED lights included in your swim spa. Need a bit of music? The spa also has an underwater stereo. Are you sold now?


We call the therapeutic benefits of our swim spas “Xtreme Therapy.” Our Xtreme Therapy Seat offers an ergonomic design, perfect for lounging in your spa. Additionally, feel free to play with the jet settings in your spa. The jets are aligned in an X formation to give you maximum comfort and targeted water therapy.

Next-Level Wave Technology

Wave Propulsion Technology is a unique element of our swim spas. This system has a broader current, yet can be adjusted using your compatible device. If you want a more shallow, narrower, or rougher current, you can easily make the necessary changes with our Wave Technology. It’s like having the power of Poseidon at your fingertips.

Leverage the SwimNumber App

The SwimNumber App (SNAPP) lets you program a customized workout for future use. Depending on your exercise and therapeutic needs, you can develop a workout program to knock out your exercise routine. No more wandering aimlessly through online workout videos. You can have a pre-programmed workout available in seconds.

We Use the Best—to Build the Best

People invest in our swim spas for one main reason—they’re well made. When purchasing a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa, you can be assured we use only the top-of-the-line equipment to forge these amazing spas. We include insulation, filtration, and heating systems in all of our swim spas.

Don’t Worry About the Energy Bill!

Whether you live in the brisk weather of northeastern states or the tropical weather of the southeast, we make our swim spas to accommodate every climate and season. Don’t worry about putting your swim spa on pause because of weather. Despite rain or shine, your swim spa is ready for you to dive right in.

Hassle-Free Care

Caring for a swim spa is nothing like upkeep for a pool. We’ve added features to the MP Signature swim spa to make maintenance easier than ever. Don’t worry about using a skimmer every day to catch debris. Use the features available in your swim spa to clean up. And save that extra time for relaxation or exercise in the water.

You Can Never Have Too Many Features.

If you’re still on the fence about getting yourself an MP swim spa, keep in mind we’ve got features to accommodate your needs. There are additional features we haven’t mentioned, making the swim spa easier than ever before to care for and use.

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How Much Does the Michael Phelps Swim Spa Cost?

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Summary Paragraph

The Michael Phelps Swim Spa is the technology of the future. Control your waves, get your sweat on, and enjoy time with family in this durable, versatile piece of equipment. It’s worth the investment. Just remind yourself of your friends, your family, and your health goals. The benefits of this swim spa are invaluable.

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