Outdoor season is over and for many that means hot tub season is as well. While many hot tubs have the ability to function in the winter and you can certainly use them in the winter (see below). If you’re not planning on using your hot tub in the winter then you need to take the proper steps to winterize your hot tub to prevent damage from freezing or other elements.

Preparing your hot tub for the winter months should be part of your annual maintenance.

The biggest thing to remember is that you need to prevent damage from freezing by draining all the water from all parts of your hot tub. Next, make sure it’s properly covered and protected from the winter elements and sanitized properly for the winter months. There are specific tips to follow but the important thing to remember is to keep things cleaned out and sanitized.

Below are the processes to follow to properly winterize your hot tub to protect it all winter long.

Drain the Hot Tub

This is a process. You’ll need to let the chemical level in the water drop first as chlorine and the sanitizers in the water can be toxic to local flora and wildlife. Once that’s done, drain out the water from the hot tub and drain the water from other components normally involved in water transfer. If you don’t plan on using the tub during the winter, then you’ll want to completely clear it out of water.

Clean and Secure Cover

Give the hot tub cover a wipe down before setting it in for the winter. This isn’t just a typical clean, but if you’re leaving the hot tub closed all winter, you want it to be as clean as possible. Sanitize it well and then make sure to secure it tightly over the hot tub as it also is going to serve as a protective layer between the hot tub interior and the harsh elements of winter as well as any debris that could potentially get in.

Utilizing No-Freeze Mode

Most hot tubs have some sort of setting for the winter that’s called something along the lines of no-freeze mode. This keeps the hot tub at a warm enough ambient temperature to avoid freezing throughout the winter months and will protect parts of the hot tub from freezing. Make sure to turn up the heat before you utilize the hot tub. Master Spas hot tubs are built and designed to be used year-round, so no need to winterize or shut them down.

Related Questions

What if There is a Power Outage?

If you plan on using your hot tub in the winter it’s important to keep it in check when you are not using it, especially if there is a power outage. Make sure that the cover is on and secure, so that it will keep the water from freezing for up to a few days. Having a small battery-operated heater available will also help keep the equipment and plumbing withing the cabinet from freezing.

What temperature should I aim for in my hot tub?

This is important in the winter if you’re outside. The ideal temperature should be between 102- and 104-degrees Fahrenheit. If the hot tub is below 90 degrees, it won’t run the risk of freezing but it will be too cold for you to use outdoors.

Talk to your professional hot tub sales expert if you have more questions about how to prepare for the winter. Proper maintenance, care and winter prep will ensure year-round health benefits, relaxation and enjoyment with your Master Spas hot tub!

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