Pain from injuries or arthritis reduces quality of life and are a major contributor to disability. Aquatic therapy provides the remedy. Because submersion in water allows people to exercise without the pressure of their full body weight on their joints, muscles, tendons and bones, they are able to increase their fitness, improve flexibility and reduce pain safely. This is possible because of the four principles of aquatic therapy.

Investing in a swim spa means you are investing in your overall health, beginning with aqua therapy and here’s why:

The Four Principles of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy heals injuries and reduces pain through four essential factors:

  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Buoyancy
  • Thermal stability
  • Resistance

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is the slight inward pressure on your body when submerged in water. You will tend to notice hydrostatic pressure when entering a pool. This inward pressure stabilizes the joints and reduces swelling in the arms and legs. The effect is similar to a compression wrap that provides stability and decreases swelling in the knee or ankle. The more stable we make our joints and the more inflammation we eliminate, the better our bodies function, leading to increased mobility, less pain from injuries or arthritis and faster recovery of the muscles.

Because of hydrostatic pressure, you can go into the pool feeling stiff and tender and come out loose and pain free.


When you jump into a pool, you probably feel a sense of weightlessness. This is due to buoyancy. The water provides an upward lift, which decreases gravitational pull. This buoyancy reduces tension, compression and stress on our muscles, joints, tendons and bones.

When half submerged in the water, a human being experiences a 50% reduction in the force of gravity, while a person submerged to their head feels a 90% decrease in gravitational pressure. The gravitational easing is like losing the equivalent amount of weight. Because aquatic therapy reduces pressure on the body, all types of exercise are less damaging to vulnerable areas and pain from injury is drastically reduced.

Thermal Stability

Aquatic therapy promotes thermal stability by submerging patients in hot pools between 92 and 94 degrees. Water in this temperature range improves blood flow and sooths muscle spasms and cramps without overheating. This results in improved functionality of joints, muscles and tendons. Loosening and warming muscles allows them to increase range of motion. In addition, more oxygenated blood reaches damaged tissue, which is an important part of the healing process.


Water has 500x to 700x more resistance than air. Because of this, exercises in a swim spa provide the ideal strength training option for those with injuries and pain. For example, performing standing marches in the water strengthens the exerciser’s legs and core muscles without aggravating an injury or causing discomfort and pain. Over time, the muscles needed to support standing marches on land are developed. Once strong enough, exercisers can then perform many exercises on land with less risk of injury.

Aquatic Therapy for Back Pain

Back pain plagues millions of Americans. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of reduced life quality and disability. Treating back pain is essential, and aquatic therapy offers one of the most effective methods.

Aquatic therapy allows you to exercise with less stress placed on the spine. Water’s buoyancy decreases load bearing, making it particularly helpful for people who suffer from disc problems or are in recovery from back surgery.

Many back problems stem from limited flexibility. Aquatic therapy helps loosen the back because people can more easily twist and turn in the water, making range-of-motion exercises more productive.

Water provides natural resistance, which is an important component in making back strengthening exercises more effective. For example, trunk twists on land lack the benefit of resistance, but in the water, the muscles must work harder and consequently get stronger.

Decreased Pain

The last thing back pain sufferers want is more back pain while exercising. Aquatic therapy reduces exercise related back pain because the water increases blood flow to sore and stressed muscles and joints. The water also provides a sense of comfort, which helps with the mental aspects of coping with pain.

No Falling

Spinal conditions and surgeries often take a toll on our balance, which may lead to injuries on land. Aquatic therapy allows back pain sufferers to exercise and improve their backs without risk of making matters worse with an injury from a fall.

Whether you suffer from a back injury or pain in another part of the body, aquatic therapy in a swim spa at home provides the solution. With minimum strain on vulnerable areas, patients can gain the strength and mobility needed for a pain free life.

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