Swim spas aren’t just for relaxing with family and easing muscle tension – although both are undeniable perks. Home swims spas can be fantastic opportunities for at-home workouts, no matter your level of expertise.

So what types of aquatic exercises can I do in my home swim spa?

We’re outlining every popular aquatic exercise perfect for a home swim spa and just right for beginners. While it’s true that top athletes use swim spas to stay in-shape throughout the year and it’s true that most swim spas use advanced aquatic technology, don’t let something as lofty and high-tech as a swim spa intimidate you. Your spa was designed with you and your skill level in mind.

Flexibility & Stretching

Back to the basics. For those without extensive experience with aquatic exercise, there are a variety of exercises that work your muscles while getting you comfortable in the pool.

Start with neck rotations, turning your head slowly looking over one shoulder and then the other. Hold for 15-30 seconds. Slowly tilt your head to one shoulder and then the other, again holding for 15-30 seconds. Third, lace your hands behind your back and slowly try to raise your arms while maintaining straight arms and proper posture in a lunge position. Holding onto the side bar, you can also try calf stretches to increase lower-body flexibility.

For each of these stretches, try 2-3 repetitions for each side. For some of them, you can also add exercise equipment such as bands and exercise balls for increased resistance.

Quick note: for basic exercises, we recommend lowering your swim spa temperature to below 92 degrees.

Aqua Jogging

Just because you’re in a pool, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to swimming, especially in a home swim spa designed for different types of exercise. Jogging is a great introductory aquatic exercise. To use proper form, run forward with your knees high, a straight back posture, and opposite arm and leg motion.

Remember to wear water shoes for increased support and to prevent slipping. We also recommend walking back and forth for a few minutes to get your blood flowing before diving into a jog.

Strength Training

In what’s called a horizontal arm fly, hold your arms out to your side at chest level while sitting on the spa bench. Keep your arms straight and move them toward each other before returning to your starting position. Maintain proper posture. If you’re looking for lower-body exercises, hip flexions/extensions are a great place to start. Standing straight, lift one leg out in front of you and then pull it back behind you, keeping your leg straight throughout.

These are just a few strength training exercises for beginners. Check out our website for more ideas!

Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are one step above basic strength training exercises. While curls are a great upper-body workout outside of the pool, you can use your swim spa to increase resistance! To use properly, hold a dumbbell in each hand (comes with your H2Xercise Kit!), curl your arms from hip to shoulder, keeping them underwater. It’s important to retain strong posture and keep your feet hip-width apart.

Related Questions

What are some best practices for aquatic exercises?

No matter the move, it’s important to keep your abdominal muscles stabilized, your core engaged, and your chest and shoulders back. While you may not notice yourself sweating underwater, rest assured, you absolutely are, so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout your workouts. We recommend keeping a water bottle beside the pool at all times.

It’s also a great idea to have some form of supervision by your swim spa, no matter your skill level. And remember to keep breathing! Sometimes beginners hold their breath inadvertently.


With a home swim spa, you can skip the gym and let your fitness arena come to you. No more commuting, no more locker rooms, no more judgmental joggers watching your every move. Enjoy a variety of aquatic workouts from the convenience of your backyard.

More questions about how you can turn your home swim spa into the ultimate fitness center? Feel free to contact us. Happy swimming!

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