Spring is around the corner and the outdoor season is nearly upon us. But lounging about outdoors doesn’t come without a need to prepare. Going from the winter months to taking a dip in your swim spa doesn’t happen overnight and doesn’t just start when you turn on the hot tub. There’s moves you need to make in your backyard area to ensure it’s not only ready to entertain, but ready to be safe and fun all summer long.

There’s required steps you must follow to open up any swim spa or hot tub.

It begins with treating or “shocking” the water, slowly turning mechanisms back on, and doing general maintenance checks of your systems to ensure proper work. There are also optional steps that can make your life as easy and relaxing as possible and improve your backyard entertainment space.

Below are some steps, some required others suggested, for you to follow while readying your backyard for a summer of fun.


You may not think of lighting because of how long the days will get. If you’re hosting a gathering and the sun isn’t gone until 9pm, why worry too much about lighting? But, ambient lighting for when the day is somewhere between day and fully night could be an amazing touch for the parties you’re hosting. Most hot tubs have lighting as an added feature so why not enjoy the lights in and out of the water!

Between Season Heating

Spring isn’t always on a reliable schedule. Sometimes the cold can last well into April or come back with a vengeance on random nights in late spring. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have between-season heating. Low grade patio heaters will keep your family and guests warm while spring and winter still battle it out.

Prep Your Spa

Opening a spa or hot tub is not done overnight. You can’t just jump on in when you take the cover off. There are steps to ensure your spa is ready for people that includes shocking the water, making sure the system is ready, and letting it run for several days undisturbed before allowing your family or guests into the water.

Related Questions

What Do I Need to Do to Ready My Hot Tub?

You’ll need to start by rinsing and draining, performing cleaning while the power is off, checking and installing new filters, filling the tub, and running the pump with startup chemicals for a period. It doesn’t take too long but you need to make sure the system is safe.

How Do I Prep for a Hot Tub Install?

A professional can help you select the area of your yard that will work best. The ground will need to be leveled and evaluated for distance from powerlines, water sources, and potential water table dangers.

It’s almost that time of year again! Let your local swim spa dealer help you put together the best backyard for spring!

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