5 Reasons Why Swim Spas Splash to The Surface

Are you itching to lounge poolside but feel torn between a swim spa and a full-sized swimming pool? While some believe swim spas can’t compete with the experience of a full-size, diving-board-and-all swimming pool, swim spas are the smarter investment.

So, what are the benefits of swim spas versus full-sized swimming pools?

From convenience, to cost, health benefits, and year-round enjoyment, swim spas have an edge over their large and cumbersome counterparts. We are breaking down just a few reasons why swim spas aren’t just smarter, but specially designed for an optimal summer-fall-winter-spring experience.

Safer for Children

Every parent worries about water safety. Most accidents happen during non-swim times.

While supervision is essential for any water-related activity involving children, as noted above, a large percentage of water accidents occur when kids aren’t swimming at all and no adults think to supervise. Why? Pool covers are thin and unfortunately easy for children to break through. In contrast, swim spa covers are extremely durable and nearly impossible for young children to remove.

And because they’re above ground, the chances of a young child slipping and falling into the pool is eliminated.

Appropriate for Every Season

With a flick of a switch, your swim spa transitions from a summertime cool-off destination to a warm spa perfect for a wintery night. While full-sized pools are only in use for one season before they’re retired for the year, swim spas are designed for year-round enjoyment. Whether the weather is brisk or sweltering, warm or frigid, swim spas are the perfect opportunity for family or neighborhood-fun, no matter the season.

While pools may seem like a long-term investment, month-by-month, swim spas offer more value for your dollar.

Not to mention, there’s absolutely nothing better than taking a warm dip after a long day skiing the snowy slopes.

Easy Installation

While full-sized pools take up to 75 days for installation, above-ground swim spas can be installed in one day. Although this point doesn’t require much more explanation, it’s worth noting that home construction truly upends your daily life. It’s an intrusion of space and, depending on your backyard, pool installation can remove your chances of outdoor enjoyment for months on end.

Fine-Tuned for Fitness

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise that can always be taken advantage of in a full-sized pool. However, due to the unique, customizable water pressure, swim spas offer a wider variety of aquatic exercise. Do crunches or pikes against the current, run, jog, and of course, swim laps without having to turn around each time you reach the end. In fact, exercising with high water pressure levels is equivalent to working with a set of weights.

So, whether you’re a professional athlete or a beginner in the water looking for at-home practice, swim spas fit your fitness needs anywhere you lie on the aquatic spectrum.

The Healing Power of Swim Spas

Water training supports your muscles and reduces joint stress. If you’re suffering from an athletic injury, arthritis, or joint inflammation of any kind, the warm water relieves aches while the water buoyancy allows for healthy joint resistance. Many physical therapists even use swim spas as a primary treatment method for patients. Can your swimming pool do that?

More Bang for Your Buck

Due to construction costs associated with full-sized swimming pools, swim spas are a cheaper investment. Even monthly maintenance is typically half the price of full-sized swimming pool maintenance – and you’re getting more use year-round!


Full-sized swimming pools may be flashier upfront, but when you break down the individual features, swim spas are a smarter, safer, and simpler investment.

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