Foam and bubbles are great for bath time but when it’s in our hot tubs? Well it kind of ruins the aesthetic goal of clear and vibrant hot tub water and can be a little be worrisome to see. Foam building up on the surface of hot tub waters is a lot more common than you think and, luckily, a pretty easy to deal with problem. That doesn’t mean you should let go, you’ll want to deal with foamy water asap.

The thing about hot tub water that makes it so different from bath water is the chemicals.

Your bath water is just tap water with some soap thrown in. A hot tub is a mixture of various chemicals to balance out the water and keep it clean. As a result, different combinations can result in some different reactions, including a layer of foam on the surface.

Below is some information on foamy hot tub water—where it comes from and how to deal with it—that can help you as a hot tub owner.

What Causes It?

Generally, foamy hot tub water comes from a substance mixing in with the chemicals in the water. This could be a spilled drink or maybe spilled sunblock. It could also be a lot more subtle than that, something as simple as the conditioner or shampoo you use, lotion on your skin, cosmetic products, the body wash you use, detergent in your clothes, or even your deodorant. The introduction of new substances throws off the balance of the water which can decrease the surface tension, resulting in bubbles.

How to Prevent It

Showering before soaking in the hot tub to rinse off any residue from soap or other substances is a great way to keep the hot tub from foaming. Also make sure your bathing suit is cleaned and rinsed before entering the water and cleared of any detergent residue. Use high quality chemicals in your hot tub water to make sure you’re getting the most out of the water and give the water time to be open and breath, even if you’re not using it.

How to Get Rid of Foamy Water

Always test your hot tub with a test strip before use to make sure the alkalinity is balanced, and the sanitization level is correct. Shock your water once a week with chlorine and leave it open more often to allow it to air out. Also remove organics form thee water using water clarifiers and the filtration system. For a quick fix, you can always use hot tub defoamers.

Related Questions

How often should I be cleaning my hot tub?

If it’s in regular use, once a week is key to keeping the water chemicals balanced and the water free of foam causing organics or debris that could damage the filter.

What’s a defoamer?

Hot tub defoamers are treatments designed to break up surface foam and are designed to be compatible with the chlorine in your water.

Talk to your hot tub specialist to get all the answers on hot tub water and any concerns you have. In order to get the most out of your Master Spas hot tub, proper care and regular maintenance including weekly cleaning will allow many years of enjoyment and health benefits.

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