Whether you’re looking to enhance your daily water workouts or simply enjoy a bit more comfort and convenience, there are plenty of popular accessories that take your home spa experience to the next level.

If you’re feeling restless with the same aquatic exercises or you’re searching for ways to customize your comfort, check out the below swim spa add-ons.

Including everything from complex equipment to simple waterproof pillows, we’re outlining the accessories every swim spa owner should have in their back pocket (or backyard).


If you’ve ever hoisted yourself over a swim spa or above-ground hot tub, you know how quickly that straining move can get old. Entering your swim spa should never be anything but simple and with the help of additional steps, coming and going will always feel like a breeze.

Swim steps are great if you’re worried about potential accidents or have older users who require no physical barriers to entry. After all, workouts should stay in the pool.


You don’t have to be a professional swimmer to use swim spa athletic equipment. In fact, tethers are recommended for most beginners as they help keep your body in place through each and every stroke.

What is a tether? Tethers are easily installed bands that attach your body to the edge of your swim spa, increasing resistance and ultimately increasing the effectiveness of your workout.


While they may seem trivial, pillows, especially those of high quality that are ergonomically designed to fit your head, neck, and shoulders, can dramatically improve the quality of your experience. Even a simple head pillow can help you focus on lower-body workouts or read a book without having to constantly adjust positions to prevent neck aches. Workouts, especially those in water, should be fluid and relaxation should never be bookmarked to fix something so simple a pillow can solve it.

Not to mention, if you primarily use your swim spa to ease muscle pain, you understand how valuable comfort can be. Don’t just use your swim spa – incorporate pillows to shape your spa into the ultimate custom comfort.

Towel bars

Swims spas and hot tubs can be messy. Water splashing everywhere, pool toys laying about, swim bands sprawled across the sides. Towel bars help keep parts of your hectic backyard easily organized. With towel bars, there’s no excuse for towels strewn in the grass or dipping into your pool from the side.

Opt for an installed bar or stand-up towel rack, whichever suits your organizational needs.

Cup holders

Swim spas aren’t just for tough workouts. They’re for hanging out with friends, family, and even getting to know your neighbors by inviting them over for a quick dip. Make swim time more fun and convenient with cup holders that cling to the sides of your tub or even float on inflatable holders.

Whether you’ve got a hot tub or swim spa, cup holders are great for keeping beverages close by and in place.

Related Questions

What if I’m on a budget?

There are cheaper options for everything we’ve outlined. If you’re strapped for cash but want more options for exercising underwater, check out resistance bands as opposed to a full tether. There are also low-cost options for cup holders, floaties, and towel bars likely available at a store near you. However, it’s important to remember that accessories aren’t just toys. They help you enjoy every aspect of your swim spa experience. Swim spas and hot tubs should be customized for your needs and accessories can ensure those needs are always met – from improved workouts and customizable exercises to social gatherings filled with food, drinks, comfort, and convenience.

Are there more types of exercise equipment?

Yes! Tethers are the simplest, and often the least expensive option when it comes to exercise equipment. But If you’re willing to invest, other popular accessories include underwater bikes and treadmills.


Swim spas and hot tubs are fantastic opportunities for enhanced workouts, relaxation, and family fun all on their own. But if you’re searching for ways to spice up your swim spa routine, accessories from exercise tethers to cup holders and comfortable pillows are perfect for customizing an already unique backyard bonus.

Have more questions about swim spa accessories? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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