Swim spas are a great way not only to relax and unwind but to have exercise and regular bodily maintenance while utilizing a smaller water feature space. Swim spas are the perfect hybrid of a pool and a spa system to give you both relaxation and calm along with much needed exercise, right in your home. But how do you best install one and what pitfalls should you make sure to avoid? We can help.

Installing a swim spa is exciting and can be a real life changer.

You may be anxious to get started in the process but you need to make sure you do your fair amount of research to avoid costly mistakes and to make sure you’re installing in a way that can allow you to fully maximize your swim spa.

Below are some important tips to follow while you’re going about installing your swim spa in your own backyard.

Get the Base Right

This is true of any backyard system: the base is important. You cannot plant a spa system anywhere in your yard. There are regulations to follow about its distance from electrical equipment, rules around fencing, and you need to make sure the spot is level and safe from potential problems with the water table. Conferring with your township and talking to professionals will be your best bet here.

Dedicated Power

It’s best to have a licensed electrician set up a dedicated power source for your swim spa, most require a 240V/50-amp hook up with its own breaker. This is important for after the installation though you can get opinions during the planning and install phase to best prepare.


Make sure you’ve got delivery and installation in mind. Installing a swim spa is not easy or quick and the entire situation can be cumbersome and difficult. Install crews will need to be able to get into an area and make sure you have the right among of clearance to bring your swim spa into the space you desire. Do all this before settling on a spot to ensure you don’t have any damaging hiccups later.

Related Questions

What are the requirements for a swim spa base?

While you do not necessarily need a concrete pad, you do need some form of stable pad in place and thee surface beneath that pad needs to be properly level and compacted to prevent sinking as the spa system settles in place.

What kind of space clearance do I need for delivery?

Generally speaking, you need at least 8 feet wide of space and anywhere from 11 feet to 19 feet long length of space for the spa system itself. On top of this you’ll need space for tertiary space for appendages and space for delivery personnel.

Talk to a professional electrician and spa installer about the best options you have in your yard for the installation of a swim spa at your home.

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