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Indoor vs Outdoor Hot Tubs | Austin TX

If you’re wondering if you should get a hot tub, the answer is yes. If you’re asking if it should go inside or outside, the answer is we don’t know for sure. However, we do know that there are ups and downs to both options, and that some spa choices may work better...

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Enjoying Your Hot Tub During the Winter

As the winter months approach, now is the time to decide if you want to close your hot tub for the remainder of the year or keep it open for winter use. Using your hot tub during the winter months to help with aching muscles and joints or just to enjoy a soak while...

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Decompress With a Hot Tub | Austin TX

The phrase hot tub is practically synonymous with relaxation; but did you know that it can also be synonymous with the word healthy? Hot tubs have many relaxing properties which make the body feel and function better. Warm water has been associated with natural...

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Health Benefits of a Swim Spa | Austin Texas

Swim Spa enthusiasts love the continuous wave and water motion when using their swim spa. You can swim laps against a current without turning around compared to swimming laps in a pool. With a continuous flowing swim spa, there is no need to turn and flip. Swim Spas...

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Welcome to Paradise Spas and Outdoor Living

Paradise Spas Outdoor Living is where you will find the highest quality hot tubs, swim spas, patio furniture products and more! We pride ourselves, as the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff in Texas! We’re happy to help you create the perfect outdoor oasis. If...

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