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Having a heavy hot tub cover can be quite hard, especially when you are trying to remove it. It can prove to cause inconveniences; however, it can also prove horrible to your health should you have the typical issue that most hot tub owners have. The heaviness happens over time and its important to know why and what to do about it.

Why is my hot tub cover heavy?

You could have mold growing on your cover. The water can even be soaking into the foam part of your hot tub cover. You do not have to replace it. There are ways to fix these issues without shelling out more money.

Have you noticed that your cover is getting a bit heavy? This is an issue many people have. In fact, many owners make the same mistake. Most hot tub owners do not even realize that there is an issue until it is way too late. It is important to know that your cover should weigh about 50 to 70 pounds, of course, it also depends on what sized hot tub you own.

When you purchase a new hot tub cover, it is decently light and easy to place on the top of your tub. Over time you may start to feel that the cover is getting heavier. After a while, you may even need help to remove or replace the hot tub cover. You will know that there is an issue if this happens.

What makes it get heavier?

The top reason on why the cover will get heavier is that over time the foam core will become quite waterlogged. The water from your tub will soak into the main core of the cover and make it very heavy. Once this happens, the cover is no longer effective when trying to protect your tub from the outside elements.

How does the cover get waterlogged?

The biggest reason why your cover will get waterlogged is due to cracks in the cover. Putting heavier objects on the top of your cover will also cause small cracks. Due to the cracks, water will slowly invade the foam core.

How Do I Fix it?

You can start by removing the foam inserts within the cover. If you detect mold and mildew, simply wipe clean with a bleach and water solution (1 cup / 2 gallons), then make sue to airdry completely. Seal the cracks in your cover. If they are bad you may need to replace it. Refer to the manufacturer’s warranty and guide.

Related Questions

Is chlorine or bromine better in my hot tub?

One is not better than the other; however, when it comes to non-chlorine chemicals, you are able to shock your hot tub and get in faster. Chlorine levels should be at 5 PPM to be safe for leisurely time and this takes about 24 hours. Bromine only takes about 10 minutes to do the same job and is safe for your enjoyment.

How much chlorine should I use in my hot tub?

If you are using chlorine, then you will want to maintain it at 3 to 5 PPM. If you have chosen to use bromine, then you will need to use 2 to 4 PPM. Bromine is available in tablets, and you are able to get in your hot tub faster after treatment.

When you purchase your cover for the hot tub, then you will need to ensure you follow simple rules of maintenance in order to protect your tub. Look for quality materials, and never place objects on the top. Cracked covers end up allowing water to seep through to your hot tub. Having a bad cover will cost you more money in the end.

Get the most out of your hot tub and enjoy it with peace of mind by maintaining it on a regular basis, this includes the cover! If you live in the Austin area, Paradise Spas and Outdoor Living is a great place to visit and have all your questions answered.

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