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Michael Phelps was a genius in the pool and has a long list of documented success that follows him. Should we really expect anything short of excellence when it comes to the hot tubs that bear his name.

What to expect with the Michael Phelps Legend Series Hot Tub?

An ergonomic seat design, a range of therapy settings, a captivating light and sound system with high performing internal management are all features that recommend this model.

The seat design on this item is contoured to fit the natural shape of your body which makes it easier to relax without having to constantly adjust. This is especially useful when it comes to the position of your body against the jets.

The jets on this selection are strategically placed to offer a range of different therapy options such which include foot therapy, neck and shoulder relief, bio-magnetic therapy. It also has adjustable orbit jets that can change both their angle and their velocity.

There is lighting both on the surface and through to the bottom of the structure with multiple color illumination that creates and afterglow and sets the mood perfectly. This is coupled with a noise reduction system, all of which can be controlled wirelessly.

Internal systems manage your water purification and filtration as well as your energy output. The insulation and foam technology on this product can mean lower energy costs for you.

How many people can fit in this hot tub?

This structure is designed to accommodate between seven and eight persons at one one time. Its dimensions are 108 inches by 94 inches by thirty-eight inches. That three persons on each side of the item.

How many jets are there on this selection?

There are seventy-two jets that have been strategically placed throughout this structure for your enjoyment. Some are located at the base of the structure while others run along the sides to give you a full body experience.

Related Questions

Does this item come with a remote control?

One secondary control is included in your product kit, however, this selection has a WiFi integrated feature that also allows you to control the settings and operating from a smart device wirelessly.

Do you get to customize your design?

You have the option to customize not just the shell of your product but also the skirt. You can even add DreamStone to your design to give it that extra edge of individuality due to its stone-like appearance.

There are six total shell colors to choose from which include, three standard (sterling silver, Tuscan sun, midnight canyon) and three optional (storm clouds, ocean wave opal, sierra).

Five skirt options are available to you of which three are standard (expresso, graphite grey, midnight) and two are optional (driftwood, chestnut).

There are also two Dreamstone features both of which are optional. These are AshStone and CanyonStone.

This model has a lot to offer in terms of features, function and performance. You can expect with the Michael Phelps Legend Series Hot Tub that it will live up to the excellence of its name.

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