If you have been considering installing an indoor Hot Tub but not sure where to start, don’t drown yourself with lots of useless information. Focus on just the installation, then allow yourself to create the environment around it. This article is designed to help relieve some of the stress of knowing what you need to do first.

How do you know what should be done first in the installing of your new tub indoors?

First, decide where you want your spa area. It could be in the garage, basement, or another special room.

What are the Pros of having an indoor Hot tub?

• Privacy –Relax within the comfort of your home
• Fewer Maintenance issues- without the outside elements, bugs, and pollen from the outside, the tub will be cleaner.
• Use it Year-round- Inside you can maintain the temperature of the room.

What are the Cons to an indoor Hot Tub?

• Smells from Chemicals- the smell of the chemicals used to clean and maintain the tub linger inside the room longer than if the tube were outside.
• Humidity and Moisture issues- Wood rot and mold could be a problem.
• Plumbing and HVAC Expenses- These will run a higher than normal due to the work needed to properly install it.
• Contractor Fees are Expensive – make sure you hire an experienced contractor to install the hot tub correctly. However, it is money well spent.

A few Tips to keep in mind before installing your new indoor Hot Tub:

An important tip is to have a reinforced concrete under the spot you are placing the hot tub. Unless you are an experienced professional, you will need to hire a professional contractor to construct the concrete slab for you because:

• Six adults’ average total weight of at least 1,000 lbs.
• Most hot tub weighs about 700 lbs.
• Many of the residential hot tub holds about 300 gallons of water.
• Keep in mind that 100 gallons of water will weigh approximately 834 lbs.

This will add up to a total weight of about 4,200 lbs! This will put a lot of pressure on the flooring underneath the tub; therefore, the added support is needed.

Remember people will be moving around in the tub and some will even get a little overzealous by jumping in it. Having a rock-hard foundation for the indoor hot tub can save you a lot of structural damages or medical issues later on.

Once the concrete slab has been set, then you are ready to build over the area you are installing the tub too. Having a safe party area around and under your hot tub is crucial. Having a cracked floor underneath will spoil the fun!

Moisture Build-up

Moisture will accumulate more in an indoor environment. This will wreak havoc with rotting wood, mildew, and mold build-up. Having an HVAC specialist to make sure this doesn’t happen due to the installation process is vital.

Make sure the room you are installing the hot tub is well ventilated allowing the moisture to be released. Install an exhaust fan or venting system to prevent excessive moisture build-up of the room.

Other things to consider when installing your indoor Hot Tub:

• A good drainage system
• Removing any existing concrete and installing a new reinforced slab.
• Or you can install a sump pump and have a wet vac nearby for emergencies such as water leaks. Having a sump pump will mean you only have to replace the water less per times per year.
• Make sure your new hot tub comes with a drain and hose for you to hook up to your drainage system for quick and easy removal of the water.

Getting an experienced contractor will ensure all the plumbing and electrical is connected correctly. Your plans for installing a hot tub indoors should be relaxing and a pleasure, not a nightmare!

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