High intensity interval training is common in sports and an excellent way for everyday individuals to stay in shape. Taking this strategy to the pool or swim spa may just be the push you need to really increase your results and aquatic performance.

What are high intensity interval training water workouts?

It’s the strategy by which one breaks up a lengthy work out session into fifteen to twenty-minute periods of high intensity sessions that are followed by short periods of rest. This process is repeated over a set period of time.

Pushing through an hour-long high intensity workout is a struggle even for above average individuals. Even in professional sporting arenas athletes seldom engage past 45 minutes before they are required to rest. Sandwiching bursts of intensity between rest periods have proven to be highly effective and helps to trim the waistline.

Who are prime beneficiaries for Aquatic HIIT?

Aquatic HIIT is ideal for persons who may have limitations engaging in land based HIIT such as the elderly and persons who suffer from obesity or chronic pain. Even for those who may be recovering from injury; high intensity interval training water workouts can provide the support and modality they need to not only tolerate but excel at this type of exercise routine.

What are the benefits of HIIT?

This type of workout safely increases your heart rate and can boost heart health. It can also improve your metabolic rate and calorie consumption. Studies have also reported a trimmed waistline, increased endurance and a significant improvement to overall muscle mass.

Related Questions

What are the differences between land based and aquatic HIIT?

High intensity workouts place a significant amount of stress on the body especially the joints. On land these routines are high impact but under water, supported by buoyancy, you can move with ease and the intensity of the routine has far less of an impact on your body. The results can be exponential as you benefit from water’s natural resistance in all direction on all movements.

Cardiovascular overload
To effectively apply the right amount of pressure on your cardiovascular system you need to exert a maximum amount of effort. You can safely and easily increase the intensity you perform at underwater as it offers a higher level of support for your movements. You have the benefit of hitting that overload “sweet spot” safely.

Is any equipment used during aquatic HIIT?

Some routines involve underwater treadmills which can be speed adjusted during the course of the workout. In most cases, however, your body weight and the water resistance is sufficient to plan and execute an effective underwater routine for persons of any age and or fitness level.

The goal of any workout routine is to push your physical limits safely and get the most out of your body during any performance. Utilizing the benefits of water submersion to achieve these goals continues to bring consistent and positive results transcending age, fitness level and physical limitations.

There are endless benefits to water exercises and HIIT workouts are at the top of the list. Being able to exercise on your own schedule with privacy makes it even better. Having your own swim spa, hot tub or pool is an investment that benefits both your physical and mental health while having fun at the same time! Visit your local swim spa retailer and find out how you can start enhancing you life in more than one way.

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