Is A Swim Spa Right for Me?

Whether you’re putting off enrolling the kids in swim lessons or have never learned yourself and feel like it’s just not worth the hassle, think again. Adding swim lessons to the agenda may feel like a chore pushing your already hectic schedule into overdrive, but the benefits of adding “swimmer” to your resume outweigh the time spent mastering aquatics. With a little encouragement and the convenience of a swim spa, daily backstrokes will ultimately bring more peace to your life than overwhelm.

So why is learning to swim so important?

Let’s state the obvious. Competency in the water is a life skill that can be lifesaving. Even if you hate the beach and can’t fathom the idea of lounging on a cruise ship, you never know when you’ll find yourself in a life-threatening situation where survival means swimming.

Teaching your children to swim enables them to have confidence in social situations as well as save their own lives in an emergency situation. Be able to swim with your peers enhanced the enjoyment and takes away the worry. Why experience anxiety every time they visit the beach or attend a pool party? As a parent, you should feel confident in both your ability to swim your child to safety and, should they be alone, your children’s ability to save themselves.

If you hate exercise or experience joint pain, swimming is an easy way to burn calories and improve heart health, while switching your temperature settings to warm helps alleviate muscle pain. As an aside, swimming accompanies a number of social interactions. Finding yourself unable to swim at a backyard pool party or corporate beach retreat is an awkward nuisance. Don’t hold yourself back from bonding with neighbors or networking poolside.

Will owning a swim spa help me learn to swim?

Yes. Again, let’s state the obvious. A backyard practice ring means you can sharpen your swimming skills from the comfort of your own home. No out-of-the-way carpool or commute, no gross locker room or over-chlorinated community pool, no excuse to skip swimming. Have an instructor come to you!

Swim spas and premium hot tubs can be customized to fit your needs. Adjust the temperature so you’re comfortable for every session and can slip into a suit year-round. After all, summer isn’t the only season suitable for lessons. Customize touch screens, add lights, adjust jet speeds to practice water resistance, and swim without the bacteria of strangers. Not to mention, public swimming lessons can be awkward. Learn comfortably and at your own pace without prying eyes and competition from classmates

If you’ve always been afraid of water, swim spas set swimming in a familiar, safe environment: your own home. The more comfortable you feel, the more inclined you feel to work on technique and the more you associate swimming with security. You can even set swim spas indoors!

Top tips for learning to swim

Swim with a qualified instructor. Swimming may look easy but mastering even the most basic water competency skills can be tricky and often requires a teachable technique. Remember: swimming is a life-saving skill, so take your education seriously and hire a qualified professional. Don’t forget to keep your children supervised at all times – swim spas should always be covered when they’re not in use.

Practice submerging your head in the water. It may fee counter-intuitive, but every stroke minus the backstroke requires your face to be underwater. The faster you get comfortable, the faster you’ll master each stroke. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from irritation, especially if you’re super sensitive, and practice with quick bobs.

Stay patient. Like any skill, mastering swim strokes takes practice, patience, and persistence. Don’t give up just because the first few days are tricky. Swim spas make fitting in practice easy, even if the practice itself is filled with hard work.

Related questions

Are swim spas pricier than full-size pools?

No! Swim spas average about half the price of a full-size swimming pool.

Are swim spas safe for young children?

Swim spas are in fact safer for children than full-size swimming pools. Because they’re built above ground and come with a durable cover that’s impossible for kids to move, there’s no risk that children will accidentally stumble in.


Whether it’s as trivial as giggles from a coworker or as serious as saving lives, knowing how to swim means wearing a life-jacket at all times. If you’re really committed to learning a life-saving skill, stop using your busy schedule as an excuse and slip into the comfort of an at-home swim spa. Safe swim practice can be on your terms and at your fingertips.

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