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Can water exercises really improve your balance and posture? The answer to this question is an affirmative yes.

If you own a swim spa, you are in luck because you can work out when it’s best for you in the privacy and convenience of your own back yard.

The typical half-hour water workout will burn 300 calories. As well, a water workout gives the body better support and produces a greater overall range of motion. The following are a few workouts you can do in your home swim spa.

Underwater “surfing”

The purpose of this exercise is to improve your balance and muscle tone. All that is required for this water exercise is a pool noodle. Stand in the water up to your chest; place the noodle in the water in a U shape, but not permitting it to touch the floor of the swim spa. Now the hard part; you need to balance yourself on the noodle by bending your knees and placing your feet one in front of the other—as you would do on a surfboard. As you maintain this position, allow your arms to swing from the front to back beside your hips.

The Golf Swing

This exercise is going to give you the same workout you would get were you to play a game of golf. It is going to rotate the hips, upper body, and core. This exercise requires you to be in chest-deep water, ensure you are in a deep enough area that your arms remain underwater when outstretched. Now, place both feet flat on the bottom of the swim spa. Grasp your hands together and swing your arms in a back and forth motion like you were swinging a golf club.

The Balanced Scale

To complete this exercise successfully you are going to need some sort of floating device. Some use the kickboard because it is multipurpose, make sure it is a larger one. You will not be standing on the kickboard; you will be sitting on it. You will need to stretch your arms our straight, focusing on them as you maintain your balance on the board and keep your shoulder straight and head up. If you want to create an even greater challenge, try turning palms over towards the sky—or even backward. For an additional test, you can raise your legs up and down, this will provide more of a workout for your back and core area.

Related Questions

What should I wear when working out in the water?

A well-fitting one piece swimsuit is just fine for your swim spa workout. They provide full body support and stay in place as opposed to a two piece which have the tendency to move around.

Will I need water shoes?

Yes. A pair of good water shoes that are well ventilated and have foam padding and rubber soles will make your workout more comfortable and effective.

Can I eat before a workout?

Yes. Eating a light meal before a workout will supply you with the energy you require. Eating something like a banana or an energy bar and drinking a sports drink should supply you with the right amount of fuel for the workout.

Water exercise can be a fun and healthy way to get in shape. It is also a great way to cool off. Just keep in mind as you are doing these exercises you do not surrender good posture. As you advance in speed, these exercises will become a bit more challenging and you will notice your muscle tone is improving as well as you balance and posture.

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