If you are in the market to purchase a hot tub, you might be wondering whether a saltwater hot tub would be a good option. You’ve probably heard that saltwater tubs provide a more natural alternative and can improve health and wellness.

As you consider a saltwater hot tub, you’ll need to know and understand the pros, cons, and maintenance that goes into owning one.

The appeal of having a saltwater hot tub is to be free from chemicals and that it takes less maintenance and upkeep. But let’s dive in and understand all the things that go with a saltwater hot tub to see if all this is true. First, we’ll discuss the common reasons consumers choose saltwater hot tubs and then we’ll go through some things to think about regarding maintenance and costs.

What are the common benefits?

Relaxing Soak in Soft Water

Salt in water increases buoyancy which promotes a relaxing and soothing environment to sit back and relax. Since minimal chlorine is produced within saltwater hot tubs, the water stays softer for longer periods of time before the need of having to drain and refill, which also helps conserve water.

Great for Eyes, Skin and Hair

The biggest draw to saltwater hot tubs is how it is great for sensitive eyes and skin. Hash chemicals tend to irritate, however naturally created chlorine prevents such irritation. Since chlorine produces chloramines, the reason for the unpleasant smell, after taking a soak it can leave an odor on your skin and hair, whereas saltwater does not produce chloramines, eliminating the awful smell.

What should you consider?

Chemical Reactions

You might think that saltwater is a great alternative to other hot tubs that use harsh chemicals, however note that adding salt to the water does create a chemical reaction. There is a cartridge that is needed in saltwater tubs that creates a chemical reaction which emits chlorine into the water. So, it’s technically not chlorine free, just the chlorine is produced naturally.

Saltwater Wear and Tear

While saltwater might be good for the skin, is it good for the actual hot tub? Salt can erode and cause damage to the parts of the tub, such as the jets, pump seals, water heaters, lights, and metal fittings. You may also notice that salt will leave a trace along the hot tub and the parts in the hot tub. Regular cleaning can minimize the residue.

Maintenance & Higher Initial Cost

With any tub or pool there is some regular maintenance required, saltwater tubs are no exception. Regular water testing for pH levels, cleaning filters, and etc. The time put into maintenance is relatively the same as it would be for chlorine tubs. Since, saltwater tubs use cartridges for the chemical reaction, and depending on the model, the cartridge will need to be replaced. Note that replacing the cartridge increases costs. It is also good to not that regarding initial cost between traditional hot tubs and saltwater hot tubs, saltwater is usually pricier of the two.

No mistake about it, saltwater hot tubs offer a relaxing and soothing experience, however it depends if you think it’s worth it. After outlining the things to consider when thinking of buying a saltwater hot tub, know that whichever you decide should be up to personal preference.

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