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If you’re looking for the top of the line when it comes to swim spas, wouldn’t you want something designed and endorsed by the most decorated Olympian and swimmer of all time? This pool alternative functions both has a place to relax in your own backyard and a way to offer yourself a healthy and active lifestyle without the hassle of getting to the gym.

The Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa is a top of the line swim spa that is like few others out on the market today.

This swim spa is designed with athletes and relaxation seekers in mind. It’s soft on your joints, perfect for swimming, and a great way to have family time with the kids without having to worry about the upkeep of a full backyard pool. If you’re on the fence about swim spas, let this be the one that convinces you–if you’re ready to get a swim spa and were looking for the right model, look no further.

Some of the top features of the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa are below to give you a view of exactly how the swim spa can work for your various needs.

High Level Swimming

If you want somewhere to practice swimming, what is better than a swim spa designed by the most decorated swimmer of all time? From recreational athletes to competitive swimmers, this spa was designed with all ranges of needs in mind. There’s variable speed, resistance adjustment, contoured design for smooth water flow, and a lot more that has swimmers in mind.

General Aquatic Fitness

Exercising in the water isn’t all about swimming laps. Aquatic exercise and aerobics are the key to a healthy lifestyle for many people thanks to the low impact on the joints. The large floor of the swim spa is designed to be easy to use and free of obstacles for resistance and endurance training in the water. Yoga, rowing, jogging, and walking are all activities you can do in this swim spa.


A huge part of swim spas are the therapeutic aspects and how it can help any physical therapy you’re working through. The Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa has built in therapy elements including a stress relief neck and shoulder seat, the Xtreme Therapy seat and cove, and massages that offer complete body coverage. You can improve circulation, relieve joint pain, and work through any physical therapy you’re working on.

Related Questions

Can My Kids Use It?

Yep! The spa is designed to also function as an entertainment center for the whole family. It’s a safe and controlled environment where smaller kids can have fun and you can keep an eye on their activities while they’re using the pool.

Does It Come with Any Aesthetic Features?

While the swim spa is not exactly an in-ground pool, it has several features that can make it aesthetically pleasing. There are LED light settings and the possibility of some fun water features. It can become your backyard oasis with the flip of a switch.

The Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa is a great option for anyone looking at an exercise platform, a relaxation option, or a place to have fun in the backyard with the whole family and Paradise Spas and Outdoor Living is the place to get it!

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