It’s a new year and it’s time for new, and better, habits. Are you looking for relaxation and happiness in the new year? There’s some real science behind the power of swimming on your mind. Any type of aerobic exercise can help relieve depression but there’s something special about aquatic aerobic exercises that offer many added benefits. While you should seek counseling for longer term depression and other anxieties, the day-to-day stress can be combatted by swimming.

Studies have found millions of adults experienced a positive effect on their mental health thanks to aquatic aerobic activities.

Those benefits include a boost in self-esteem, lower blood pressure levels, and a promotion of general well-being for your mental and physical state which translates into overall emotional wellbeing. Physical and mental aspects of your body are closely linked, promoting one can promote the other.

Brain Power

Swimming helps the stimulation of chemicals in the brain that directly help foster the growth of brand-new cells, which becomes important the older you get. It can also influence serotonin production positively and the production of stress-relieving hormones which will, ultimately, reduce your anxiety levels.


As with most exercise, swimming releases endorphins during activity which is a natural feel-good chemical compound that our bodies produce. These chemicals can be more effective and helpful to your mood than anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication for some people. But that does not make them a replacement for prescribed medication.

Swimming as Prescription

Because of its positive effects on the brain, chemicals, and cell growth, some doctors have even begun prescribing swimming to patients with severe anxiety and/or chronic stress. While this can be more effective than antidepressants and other medication, it should only be used as a replacement at the advice of a medical professional.

Related Questions

How Does Medication Fit In?

For many, meditation can be a great way to tackle anxiety or depression and it may be the best option they have. The good news is this: swimming is a repetitive exercise which means it becomes meditative with a built-in mantra and muscular routine to it. This helps promote positive mental health for many swimmers. This means it can be a great supplement to medication regiments.

Does This Help Weight Loss?

Swimming, like all aerobic exercise, can be great for weight loss. This is extra true in a swim spa. Swimming just one hour a day or 7 hours across a week can burn an extra 3500 calories. It also assists in developing cardio strength and keeps muscles lean and fat down in your body.

Swimming can be one of the most beneficial mental and physical things you can do for yourself and your body and having your own Master Spas swim spa can help.

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