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Soaking in your hot tub on a chilly night with drinks, snacks and a group of your friends can make for an enjoyable afternoon. You can also receive many health benefits from your time spent there, however, for the best results you’ll need the best products.

Why buy a Master Spas hot tub?

This company uses a highly efficient energy distribution system. It is also low maintenance with a unique therapy system you won’t find with other brands.

Depending on the quality of your selection you may have no insulation at all or a simple thermal wrap. High quality items use foam, either partial or full, to insulate their products which ensures the warmth produced by this selection stays in and the cold stays out. This company uses Icynene spray foam for complete thermal coverage.

Acrylic is used during the manufacturing process which provides consumers with a strong, highly durable product that is easy to clean. There are heat and filter cycles that automatically adjust the temperature and microbe levels within the product, ensuring your sought-after comfort is always ready when you are.

Master Spas offers powerful hydrotherapy to treat pain, swelling and many other ailments. They also provide magnetic therapy which is a unique feature that is simply not offered by any of their competitors.

Does this company provide ergonomic seating?

Using CAD software this industry leader is able to design seats that will cradle the natural shape of your body to promote and increased level of comfort during use so you can relax and enjoy this unique experience.

Are these products safe?

This brand conducts advanced testing to ensure all their available offers pass internal and third-party quality control tests. They are also members of the International Hot Tub Association and are constantly working with both consumers and industry members to ensure their selections meet and exceed health, wellness and safety standards.

Where is this item manufactured?

Master Spas is owned and operated out of the United States of America. They operate out of Indiana on a 32-acre lot which makes them one of the largest manufacturers in the Country and one of the highest retailed providers globally.

Related Questions

Is a hot tub a better option than a spa?

These words are sometimes used interchangeably, however, spas are specifically designed for hydro therapeutic purposes and exercising while a hot tub can be used for therapy as well as leisure. It all depends on what you are looking for. It seems you can’t go wrong with either, especially if it is as Master Spas product.

Can my hot tub double as a pool?

This type of item is designed for users to sit and soak not for swimming as is the case with above or below ground pools. You can swim in the selection if you’d like but it is not generally used for that purpose. A swim spa provides more space and you can swim against the current.

Armed with a great service provider and an excellent product line that performs above the rest, the Master Spas brand is a great investment whether you want to simply relax with friends or benefit from an advanced therapy session.

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