Exercise benefits virtually everyone and exercising in the water makes it easier, especially for those that are having difficulty with movement. Everyone who’s ever had a serious injury knows the road to recovery can be long and challenging. Low impact training in the water is a great way to get the training without additional pressure on your body. Training in your own swim spa is even better.

What are some benefits of water running in a swim spa by Master Spas?

This type of exercise imposes a high level of resistance at low impact. It can improve your cardiovascular health and acts as a method of strength training.

The deeper the volume you operate in the lighter you become. With buoyancy, an equal amount of force is being exerted against your body resulting in a decrease in weight. This lowers the impact you feel during training, lowering the risk of injury during recovery.

The increased pressure you feel while submerged does more than lightening the load it also stimulates and improves blood flow. Your cardiovascular health is thus improved as it helps to send blood back up to your heart and through to the muscles.

On land, motion and the muscles needed to maintain it are different than those required underwater. When submerged you get equal amounts of pressure in all directions which causes you to operate in a different pattern. The result is improved overall strength in key areas such as the arms and legs.

Should this method be used only for recovery?

This exercise regime works well in a number of scenarios. Athletes can use as pre-training or an alternative option in-between sessions. It can also be used to improve overall health and wellness for anyone seeking a low impact option.

Who, besides athletes, can benefit from this type of training?

Everyone can benefit, however, persons who are aged and attempting to stay in shape can utilize this mode of exercise with ease. It is also a great option for individuals with health challenges such as those who are overweight or have cardiovascular complications.

Related Questions

Is a specific spa model required?

Ideally, you should be submerged, at a minimum, at chest level for optimal benefit. Evidently the depth will vary based on the height of an individual, however, there are deep designs that would work the average person. So make sure to choose a swim spa that suits your requirements.

Are there ways to adjust workout intensity?

You can use the current controls in your device to increase the intensity of your workout. Running against the current requires increased effort and the more force you exert in this environment the greater the force exerted back on to you. Implementing water weights or pull strings for resistance is another way to adjust the intensity.

A spa gives you many options to use for your disposal that can help you maximize the highly beneficial method of water running. Using these to your advantage can help you take control of your workout today.

Owning a swim spa is an investment worth making, especially if you love the water and exercise. Having access to your own personal water trainer on your schedule may be reason enough. Get the ball rolling by contacting or visiting a local swim spa retailer.

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