Owning a hot tub or spa does require cleaning and maintenance. You want to keep the hot tub clean and sanitary for your family and guests. Hot tub filters are a must. They help maintain the water by keeping it clean, helping it run efficiently, and regulating the water temperature. Like a swimming pool, you wouldn’t want to swim in a dirty pool. So neither should you or your family and friends use a dirty hot tub.

What is the best way to clean and maintain your hot tub filter?

One of the best ways to learn about cleaning your hot tub is to learn about it from the experts where you purchased the hot tub. Next, there are plenty of internet resources where you can research to find DIY (do-it-yourself) methods that talk about cleaning your hot tub, the filter, and other components. Or, you can hire a skilled hot tub maintenance specialist to clean it for you.

Here are some helpful tips about hot tub maintenance and cleaning the filter. First, learn about your hot tub and what makes it work. Also, learn about the parts and the filter. This will help to prepare you about learning to clean the hot tub and the filter. Next, set up a cleaning and maintenance schedule. Train other people within your family to help with the maintenance tasks. The job should not just fall on your shoulders. With proper maintenance, your hot tub will last for several years.

To clean your hot tub using a DIY method, perform internet research to learn the many ways to accomplish this task. Try using an economical method that won’t break your budget. When you find a method that works for you, stick with it. If one method does not work, try another method. Ultimately, the hot tub needs to be cleaned using a regular schedule. You can use several methods and products to clean the filter, such as bleach, the dishwasher, detergent, filter cleaner, organic materials, and vinegar.

Maintaining and Cleaning Spa Filters

Standard spa paper filters have a lifespan of 1-1/2 to 2 years. Check your spa maintenance manual that corresponds to the particular model and manufacturer of your spa. Most spa manufacturers recommend cleaning the spa every two weeks using a regular schedule. Remove the filter and rinse with clear water. Using a schedule of every one to two months, soak the filter overnight using a filter cleaning solution.

For an economical DIY method, many people keep their spa filters sparkling clean by using white vinegar.

First, turn off the spa pump. Next, if your spa filter has a lid, remove the lid covering the spa filter and slide out the cylinder filter out of the filter housing. Put the spa filter in a large container of water. Add three (3) cups of white vinegar to the water. Let the filter soak for about one hour. After approximately one hour, remove the filter and rinse it with clear water. You can use a garden hose. Let it drain and place the filter back in its place. Run a maintenance check on the filter. At the circuit breaker, turn on the power to the filter.

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