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Soaking in a hot tub is a good way to reduce stress, lower anxiety, relieve pain, increase mobility, and improve sleep. To enjoy these benefits, it’s important to regularly clean and maintain your Master Spas hot tub.

Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining a Master Spas hot tub is simple.

A thorough cleaning involves six steps, and maintenance is performed at regular intervals—weekly, monthly, and biannually.

Keep reading to find out how to properly clean and maintain your hot tub so you always have a clean, fresh spa when you want to take a relaxing soak.

Clean Your Hot Tub in 6 Simple Steps

To maintain the quality of your hot tub shell and the water, you need to complete a thorough cleaning every six months. Although the process is a bit time consuming, you’ll have a hot tub that looks and performs for years.

1. Drain Your Hot Tub
Before starting the cleaning process, you need to drain your hot tub. Most Master Spas hot tubs have an internal drain that makes it easy to remove the water. Simply attach a garden hose to your drain and follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for your particular hot tub or also use a submersible pump to drain the water.

2. Wipe Clean
Now that you’ve drained the water, you can clean your hot tub with a soft cloth and mild cleanser designed for acrylic. Gently wipe the surfaces of the hot tub shell, jets, and controls.

If your hot tub still shows signs of dirt or debris, wipe it down again. Do not try to clean your hot tub with course cleaners. They can damage or scratch the shell and remove the sheen.

3. Clean Your Pillows
Cleaning your pillows regularly improves their lifespan and slows deterioration such as discoloring, stiffness, and flaking of the material. The pillows on most Master Spas hot tubs have two plugs on the back of the pillow. Carefully remove the pillows from the shell, wipe them down with a soft cloth, and rinse.

4. Spot Treat
While cleaning, you might notice mineral buildup on the interior of your hot tub. Simply pour a small amount of white vinegar or a mild scale remover product on a soft cloth to remove the buildup. You can also use a Magic Eraser for general cleaning and spot treating.

6. Rinse and Refill Your Hot Tub
Since residue from cleaning products can cause foaming and interfere with the chemistry of the water, it’s important to thoroughly rinse your hot tub after each cleaning.

Use a garden hose for rinsing and wipe the cleaned surfaces to remove any residual cleaning products. Refill your hot tub with fresh water from your garden hose.

Maintaining Your Master Spas Hot Tub

With a Master Spas hot tub, the maintenance routine is quite simple. You only need to take a few steps each week and month to keep the water in your hot tub in pristine condition.

· Before Each Use: Master Spas recommends testing the water before entering your hot tub. You can use spa chemistry strips to get a quick chemical reading.

Depending on the strip you use, look for the level of total chlorine or free chlorine. If the total chlorine is above 5.0 ppm or the free chlorine is below 2.0 ppm, you’ll need to adjust the chlorine level.

· Three Times a Week: You should check the pH and total alkalinity of your water at least three times a week. The pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6, and the alkalinity between 80 and 120 ppm.

· Weekly: Shocking your hot tub weekly helps maintain the quality of your water. Although “shocking” may sound intimidating or difficult, it’s quite easy.

Turn on all of the therapy pumps and sprinkle either oxidizer or chlorine granules across the water according to the guidelines on the bottle for the size of your hot tub. It’s important to have the pumps on so the chemicals spread throughout the water.

Leave the pumps running and the cover off for 15 minutes after you shock your hot tub. You can safely enter the water 15 minutes after the shock is complete if you use an oxidizer or non-chlorine product. If you use chlorine, wait until the total chlorine reading is below 5 ppm.

· Monthly: The filter on your hot tub should be cleaned once a month. Be sure to turn off your pumps, including the circulation pump, before removing the filter for cleaning. Otherwise, any debris that is in the water can get stuck in the filter opening.

Once the pumps are off, remove your filter and soak it for eight hours—or overnight—in a container filled with hot tub filter cleaner. Rinse the filter with clean water and let it dry for several hours before re-inserting it into your hot tub.

· Every Six Months: To extend the life of your hot tub, you should give it a clean start twice a year. Spring and fall are good times to complete this task so your hot tub is fresh and ready for summer and winter.

Start by draining your hot tub and following the cleaning steps outlined above. Install a new EcoPur element, clean or replace the regular filter, and refill your hot tub with clean water. Once your hot tub is full, repeat the start-up procedure according to the instructions in your owner’s manual.

If you truly want to reap all the benefits that come with owning a Master Spas hot tub, it’s essential to keep it clean and follow a regular maintenance routine. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your hot tub for years to come.

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