You realize one day that you’d like a source of water to enjoy for yourself and family. A swim spa or hot tub that is. Before making any purchase, there are numerous things to consider. One big detail to regard is “why” you have come to want a swim spa or hot tub. The reasons you let surface will guide you toward what is the best decision you can make.

How do you choose between purchasing a swim spa or hot tub?

Deciding between a swim spa or hot tub is a personal preference. In either case, you can’t go wrong! Most people equate peace and relaxation with warm water. If your desires are bigger than a bathtub, it’s time for a change.

Delving deeper into that idea of relaxing usually involves water with some considerable heat to it. It generally includes quiet, still water, or specific stream of air flow. This is describing your basic hot tub. It can be a quiet time for self-reflection, relaxation, or escape from stress and strife. It can be more medicinal for aches and pains. It can also be a time to socialize and come together with friends and family, enjoying conversation and hot, streamlined bubbles.

Those bubbly jets can massage stress-prone areas. They can ease muscle aches and joint injury. The discomfort with arthritis, headaches, or any type of chronic pain can be eased with a thorough soak in all consuming hot water. It’s not a cure, but it certainly can be a comfort!

Should you wish to go beyond a hot, bubbly soak, then a swim spa might be what you need. This is more about exercise and recreation! The high-powered jetting system provides resistance and enables swimming in place. This water center can become the workout space or game center, especially if you have kids. They are big enough for playing catch, Marco Polo, and many other water games. Speaking of kids, a swim spa has temperature control which is important. The high temperatures of hot tubs are not meant for kids for health reasons.

Both of these water sources are great space savers, providing water when you don’t have room for a pool. Hot tubs can go most anywhere. Swim spas are very versatile. These can go inside or outside, above ground or in ground, or surrounded by a deck. You certainly have choices. It all comes down to your needs and wants. Figure those out first.

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