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Dementia is a widely spread, feared, and often misunderstood problem that seems to grow every year. The loss of memory, of cognitive functions, of general way of life is a fear for many out there who both have to face it personally or watch it destroy their families. Battling this can be costly, both financially and emotionally. But there are other ways you can try to push back the swelling tide of dementia and a swim spa may not be what immediately comes to mind.

It seems that every day we’re discovering new uses and positive functions for swim spas.

Swim spas are already renowned for the way they can supplement physical therapy and their ability to provide activity for those for whom exercise comes with difficulty. But, it has other benefits too: studies show that a swim spa can help those with dementia to slow the progression of the disease.

While further studies are needed, many done so far draw the same conclusion: swim spa use and dementia are inversely related. Here are a few snippets of what’s been studied.

Age and Ageing, 2016

A study done by a group of Finnish researchers concluded that there is an inverse relationship between sauna use and dementia in Finnish men. This doesn’t mean swim spas cause a slowdown of dementia or prevent it, but it does mean those who used a sauna had a better handle on the potential of dementia. Frequent sauna use was associated with lower risk of dementia. Read more.

Rush University Medical Center, 2016

A group of researchers in Chicago also did a study on dementia that same year. Their conclusion was that those with higher levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) had a lower risk of dementia. One activity that elevated the BDNF gene level is exercise. This made swim spas the perfect tool to help combat the slow creep of dementia as do to its ease of use and various exercise benefits.

Related Questions

Does Exercise Prevent Dementia?

There is no cure for dementia and no science sound enough at the moment to say that any one activity or medicine has any permanent effect on it. We know, from research, that different brain mechanisms are responsible and in many people, exercise can increase positive mechanisms of the brain and the result may be a potential slow in dementia’s progress. But there is no cure or sure-fire way to prevent it.

Is Swimming Good for Dementia?

As mentioned, the low impact of water exercise combined with the positive results exercise has on the brain make aqua therapy a great option for those with dementia. In fact, there are “dementia-friendly” swim sessions offered at some clinics for those suffering from dementia and looking for a way to stay active and keep their minds alert.

Dementia isn’t completely understood, but science is working on it. You can help yourself at home with aqua exercise and use of swim spas. Nothing can stop or cure dementia, but you can be ready for it.

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