You might not think about impaired memory such as dementia until it’s too late. But dementia and memory issues can be battled at any time in life, in very interesting ways. The memory loss and impaired cognitive functions of dementia don’t need to be a looming shadow for you or your family.

If you could battle dementia and get an excellent water entertainment feature such as a swim spa for your home and family, why wouldn’t you do it?

To give you an idea of some of the ways swim spas have been found to help alleviate and lessen dementia symptoms, we’ve outlined a couple studies below. Remember, this isn’t a medical journal, we’re just letting you know the ways our Master Spas might be able to benefit your life in multiple ways.

Further studies are needed, but swim spas and dementia have an inverse relationship and Master Spas can be the most fun way you’ve battled dementia.

Brain Effects

A Chicago-based research group did a study on dementia in 2016. They concluded that higher levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) had a lower risk of dementia. Exercise is known to help BDNF levels in the brain. The low impact exercise of swim spas makes it an ideal way to encourage positive BDNF levels in the brain.

Saunas and Dementia

Finnish researchers concluded from another 2016 study that there is an inverse relationship between sauna use and dementia (in Finnish men). This doesn’t make it a cure or mean use of saunas or swim spas stop dementia, but frequent use of a swim spa can give you a better handle on the dementia onset.

Related Questions

Can Exercise Cure Dementia?

There isn’t a cure for dementia. There’s also no 100% effective way to prevent it. But exercise has been found to improve cognitive function and promote healthier brain function, which is never a bad thing to have on your side when dementia is looming in your future.

Is Swimming a Good Dementia Exercise?

Swimming, as with any exercise, is a great activity to participate in to improve cognitive function.

Dementia isn’t fully understood by modern day medical science, but we’re working on it. You can help yourself with multiple exercises at home with a Master Spas swim spa.

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