When you think of stress relief, your mind probably goes right to a massage. And while that can be helpful, you have to shell out cash at the local spa in order to get stress relief treatment. If you’ve got a hot tub in your backyard, you’ve got a gateway to stress relief right at your fingertips and a few feet away.

There’s a wealth of physical and emotional benefit in your hot tub just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Stress can wreak physical havoc on your body in ways you may not realize. Many times, your physical state and physical ailments are the result of emotional problems, more so than any physical cause. A MasterSpas hot tub or swim spa in your backyard could be the key to getting to the bottom of your stress problem.

To help you get the most out of your MasterSpas hot tub, we’ve put together some information to have in your arsenal to best tackle your stress and accompanying pain problems.

Physical Signs of Stress

While you may think stress is all in your head, it has been known to cause serious harm to the physical body as well. It can cause chest pain, headaches, upset stomachs, panic or anxiety attacks, and chronic pain. If left unchecked, you can develop chronic heart and anxiety problems, depression, weight gain or loss, and constant fatigue.

Effects of Water

It has been found that the buoyancy of water can actually reduce stress levels. The weightlessness you experience in a hot tub, accompanied with relaxing warm water, can actually alleviate the effects of stress on your body and help you re-center yourself. Doing this repeatedly as part of your routine can have a positive effect on stress.


The American Heart Association suggests 15-20 minutes of quiet relaxation daily as a way to reduce stress levels and promote healthier hearts and bodies. Your spa can provide a great place to be quiet and mindful for a period out of your day while stress starts to dwindle. This can further bleed into your every day, hectic life, and help you remain focused and present.

Related Questions

How Can This Help in Other Parts of Life?

Stress relief isn’t just about handling acute moments of high stress in your life, it can also work into other parts of your life. Stress management can help you even when you’re not actively stressed, remaining present and focused as well as pain free. It can give you more energy and make you more likely to be in a mindset to make the most of your day.

Is Hydrotherapy an Option?

For those who have intense stress levels and correspondingly intense physical signs of stress, hydrotherapy may be a better option, above simply relieve stress through more passive means. It’s not for everyone but is the next option in using your swim spa or hot tub to relieve stress.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but there are ways to manage it that are close to home and fairly inexpensive. Don’t disrupt your life, fight stress with the tools you already have.

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