There are so many great accessories that accompany a Swim Spa to enhance its worth experience. From cleaning and maintenance, safety, exercising, luxury, and cool gadgets- there are all sorts of items that can make your Swim Spa experience even better.

Paradise Spas can help you with all of your swim spa accessories and needs to make your swim spa exactly the way you want it.

Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning the filter is not a luxurious process but can be a simple one! There are a ton of filter cleaners and flossers that will make cleaning a snap and won’t break the bank. Filter flossers help ease the cleaning process and reduce the time cleaning!

Spa covers are a must if you want to maintain the temperature and to keep debris out. Covers range in cost, depending on what you need, and most are easy to install and remove.

Safety Getting in and out of a Swim Spa can be tricky especially for young children or for seniors. Installing a hand rail could ensure to make the process a lot easier. Hand rails usually hook to the side of the Spa and are easy to install! An average hand rail usually goes for $200.

Steps are also a great idea if needing easier access up to the Spa. Slip-grip steps are a perfect addition and some even come with lights to make the steps easier to see outside at night. They usually start around $75 for basic Handi-Steps, but more advanced steps with rails start around $600.

Exercising There are literally endless exercising possibilities within the Swim Spa, adding exercise accessories to the experience can amplify your workout. From water exercise balls and dumbbells, swim tethers, ankle weights, saddles/paddleboards- you choose how intense or relaxing your work out can be.

Luxury Ready Want to make your Swim Spa experience even MORE relaxing? Try fragrance crystals! They come in a variety of fragrances that will induce an even more luxurious and relaxing experience such as Cool Cucumber, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Lavender, and Pomegranate. They are easy to use! Just use 1 scoop per soak and you’ll feel like you’re in a resort spa!

Hoping your Swim Spa will be the place to be on Friday nights? Adding some awesome items like Light Up Globes or speakers can definitely solidify that! Light Up Globes with changing colors make the night into a fun and party atmosphere. Add some music to your workout or to your party with speakers. There are even speakers that are camouflaged as stones to seem inconspicuous.

There is no limit to how great your Swim Spa experience can be and adding these great accessories will make you fall in love with your Spa all over again.

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