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Are you considering investing in a hot tub, but you’re feeling hesitant due to some of the myths and rumors you’ve heard concerning hot tubs? Before you get cold feet, let’s debunk some popular hot tub myths, correct a whole lot of misinformation, and clear up any confusion that may be keeping you from enjoying the many benefits of hot tub ownership.

Hot tubs and swim spas provide tremendous benefits and the following information will put your mind at ease.

Myth #1: Hot tubs have a negative impact on male fertility.

Truth: If this myth has you saying “wait, what?” you are not alone. Despite being completely illogical and devoid of any logic or science-based truth, this is a rather pervasive rumor floating around on the internet. To set the record straight, hot tub use has no detrimental effects whatsoever.

Myth #2: Hot tubs are not sanitary; in fact, they’re downright dirty.

Truth: This is another common misconception about hot tubs. When some people think of getting into a hot tub, they think of getting into someone else’s used bathwater. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With proper maintenance, care, pH, chemical and mineral use, a hot tub is quite sterile.

Myth #3: The bromine and chlorine used in hot tubs can burn your eyes.

Truth: If chemicals are used properly and a proper pH balance is maintained, hot tub water will neither irritate your skin nor your eyes. Hot tub water is considered gentle, as long as proper pH instructions are followed.

Myth #4: It’s extremely expensive to maintain and use a hot tub.

Truth: Hot tub ownership is actually quite affordable. Most modern models are quite energy efficient, free of leaks and equipped with reinforced seals, using minimal water and energy. With proper care and maintenance, a hot tub will not run up your water or energy bills.

Myth #5: Hot tub temperatures are dangerously hot.

Truth: Hot tub temperatures are only dangerously hot if instructions, warnings, and regulations are not followed. Hot tub manufacturers have worked carefully with the CPSC to ensure that consumers are aware of the safe temperature range within which to keep their hot tubs at all times.

A good rule of thumb is not to exceed 102 degrees, especially if the hot tub is to be used by pregnant women or children. All of these safety warnings and recommendations are included with a hot tub’s manual and instructions, as well as on the CPSC’s website. If the instructions are followed, the temperature of a hot tub’s water is safe and suitable for use.

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