Owning a hot tub or swim spa is a luxury all its own but designing your dream backyard to fit it is half the fun- or at least it should be. When it comes to getting your backyard hot tub-ready, don’t let stress overrule the final product. You deserve nothing less than a relaxing, peaceful, one of a kind, backyard oasis that you love.

What are some backyard design ideas for your hot tub or swim spa?

If you’re not sure exactly where to start when creating the perfect backyard for your hot tub or swim spa, try any one or a combination of these incredible design ideas.

Let the light in

One of the major selling points of most swim spas or hot tubs are their lights/ light show features. In your backyard, one way to compliment this feature is by adding even more lights. Use fiber-optics and other colorful displays for the best appearance yet. Not to mention, lighting is an inexpensive way to decorate.

Make it functional

Looking pretty is one thing, but if your new hot tub space isn’t functional for your lifestyle needs, then what’s the point? Function is a great way to start designing your new backyard, that way you don’t get too caught up in the way something looks, and you know you’ll get the most use out of how it works.

Simple serenity

There is nothing more relaxing than being one with nature; truly escaping the confinements of the indoors. Create your perfect backyard oasis by using outdoor elements that create simplicity and serenity. Boulders, a small waterfall, plants and other greenery, or perhaps even positioning your hot tub so that is has a view, are all ways to create serenity.


If you want your hot tub or swim spa to take centerstage and become the focal point of your backyard, doing so is easy. Large plants/planters, even a waterfall are easy ways to make even a small space intriguing. Make your hot tub the focal point but be sure to add all the drama it needs around it.

Welcome all

Chances are, you didn’t invest in a hot tub for you to enjoy all on your own (at least not all the time). There’s no doubt that a hot tub or swim spa is better enjoyed with company, so make sure your backyard is welcoming. Try adding a grill, fireplace, and of course tons of seating, all around the area near your hot tub. This is also easily accomplished by creating a cohesive deck that combines all the elements together.

No maintenance required

Your hot tub will already demand plenty of maintenance and care, so you might not want your backyard to require too much up-keep. In addition, the best part about your backyard should be the hot tub, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Simple things such as succulents and ground cover, pavers and steppingstones, don’t require very much effort to take care of, but still create an eloquent backyard space.

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