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Water! What a wonderful thing! It has so many restorative properties. Whether we’re viewing a babbling brook, or sitting by a pond, lake, or ocean, it has a peaceful affect on us. The gentle movement of the waves and subtle sounds guides one toward a relaxing state of mind. Owning a swim spa or hot tub can help you realize all of this and more!

How does exercising in the water benefit overall health?

An aquatic workout in a swim spa can do more than just burn calories, it is a stress-free supportive environment to relax, heal, recover, or rehabilitate. Now, put yourself within a warm water source and we’re considering enjoyment on a whole new level!

Nothing feels better than completing some type of workout. Add water and you’ve upped your game! When you have a swim spa, you can completely relax within the warmth of the water, or reap the benefits of some exercise. There are so many advantages to an aquatic workout! For one, standing in water up to your chest reduces body weight eighty percent. It takes pressure of your joints. Whether your easing into an exercise program or stepping up your game as a professional, a swim spa delivers. Regardless of your health or physical condition, this environment offers many benefits.

For anyone suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, or any neuromuscular conditions, water acts as a full-body support. This makes it easier to balance during exercise. The warmth of the water loosens joints, muscles, and tendons. It can improve mobility and symptoms as well as accelerate treatment goals.

Depending on your needs, workouts can be simple or more intense by adjusting the speed of the current. This increases resistance and enables the muscles to build strength as well as tone and build stronger bones. There is the opportunity to swim in place, or with a kickboard. You can walk or jog against the current, increasing or decreasing it based on your fitness goals. You can do countless stretches. You can also do various leg lifts, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, push-up, or yoga. Add resistance bands and you have so many options to customize your workouts.

Whether your swim spa is inside or out, above ground or within, you have it available any time of day. The controllable warmth and flow of the water is yours without crowds, wait, or lack of privacy. Whether you are recuperating from surgery, injury, inflammation, or just want a fantastic workout, the swim spa has numerous opportunities! Afterwards, have a seat, turn up the heat, close your eyes and completely relax!

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