Hot tubs are a great investment in health and well-being. People who regularly use hot tubs enjoy greater flexibility, experience less pain and discomfort and enjoy higher quality sleep. In addition, hot tubs can be a great place to just relax.

One thing is for sure, if you must travel to a fitness club to use a hot tub, you’ll use it less than if you have one at home.

Many people think they are cost prohibitive, but hot tubs, especially smaller ones, can fit into a modest budget. Before embarking on a hot tub shopping trip, consider these 7 key factors in making a hot tub purchasing decision:

Tub location

The very first consideration should be the location of the hot tub. Consider factors like electrical hookups and close access to showers. In addition, the electrical requirements of the hot tub need to factored in. Small hot tub heaters can be powered by a 120V outlet, but large units, especially autonomous ones, require a 240V source with a hard-wired breaker in the electrical panel. This level of power requires an electrician, so the cost for the larger hot tub may be more than expected.


What size is appropriate? Small hot tub units fit one or two people, while large ones can comfortably fit a family of six. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a hot tub that is too big for their needs. While having some extra room can be a good thing, a 6-person hot tub that two people use adds to the spa’s cost and utility bills needlessly.

Entertainment options

Lighting is also important. Do you plan to read in the hot tub? Then you may need to select a model that includes a sufficient lighting. Some people like to listen to music as they soak. For them, a hot tub with a quality music system is a great choice.

How many jets

Some people love lots of jets they can sit in front of, others prefer to just soak in the hot water. If jets are a feature you love, make sure there are enough jets for all the people who will use the tub. Also, there is more to consider than just the number of jets. Positioning and design affect your hydromassage experience. Consider if the jets are powerful enough and can be adjusted according to your needs.

Hot tub costs

Hot tubs are a significant investment, so most people try to find the best deal they can. However, a common pitfall is to buy a cheaper hot tub that does not provide the best value. Hot tubs built with high-quality components last longer. A cheaper tub that has a significantly lower shelf life costs more in the end.
In addition, broken parts require expensive maintenance and temporarily prevent you from using your hot tub. A more expensive tub that’s reliable may be a better option. Finally, consider the costs of running the tub. Smaller, energy efficient hot tubs help keep your utility bills down. Beware of the big water guzzlers. It’s important to check on the energy output of each tub as you comparison shop.


A longer warranty provides peace of mind. It’s also a sign that the hot tub has been built with quality parts. Companies offer longer warranties because they are confident they will not have to pay for many repairs. A short warranty period indicates the company feels too many breakdowns will occur, causing the company to lose money. This indicates the design and components are inferior to competitors.

Should you consider a swim spa

If the health benefits are a primary driver for a hot tub purchase, consider opting for a swim spa, which gives you a hot tub, swimming pool and water gym all in one. Then, in addition to relaxing aching muscles in the spa, you can improve your fitness with the endless swimming pool function, give your heart rate a boost with low-impact water running or burn some calories with water aerobics. Whatever your favored exercise, you can do it in the swim spa and then enjoy a calming soak.

Whether you want a hot tub just to relax or to double as your home gym, making the right purchase choice is important to your enjoyment of the tub. By considering the tub’s location, size, entertainment options, number of jets, cost and warranty, you can make the best choice. A hot tub or swim spa brings health and happiness to the family. It’s time to find the right one for your house and your local swim spa retailer can help.

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