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Using your swim spa as a cross-training option is a great way to add variety to your fitness training program. Swimming is a type of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) used by cross-training athletes. They know that swimming improves muscle tone, strength as well as improving their body and mind.

Like award-winning athletes, use your swim spa as an effective method to improve your own cross-training program.

Swimming and water aerobic exercise effect every system of the human body. Cross-training water aerobics is a fun way to exercise by using the buoyancy of the water. It reduces the impact on your joints and muscles which helps to decrease the risk of injury and muscle sprains and aches. CRF improves the heart and strengthens breathing muscles. As well, this type of cross-training exercise improves muscle balance and flexibility.

Water resistance training improves the cardiovascular system. Try walking or running in water and feel the difference compared to land-based training. You will notice the difference between running in water and running on land. As you complete your daily swim spa exercise routine, use the swim spa jets to experience the massaging flow of the water. Use it as an aid for improving circulation and achieving muscle relaxation.

Cross-training athletes who use swim spas report improved recovery rates, reduced fatigue, and less muscle soreness. Plus, it’s just more fun to swim and use the buoyancy of the water for aerobic exercise compared to running on land which adversely impacts joints and muscles.

Some endless pool swim spas have intense water current which provides a challenging swim workout. Swimming in place against the powerful water flow, allows you to gain strength by using continuous movement. People say that when swimming against the current, they feel free, happy, and invigorated when their workout is complete.

Using your swim spa for cross-training purposes provides a high-resistant, low-impact, effective total body workout with less impact to muscles, joints, hips, and knees allowing for more stress-free days. Just 30 to 60 minutes per day doing cross-training exercise, and you can burn lots of calories as you achieve improved BMI stats and reduced blood pressure level. Here’s a bonus, for year-round temperature adjustable use for training and family fun, swim spas can be used indoors and outdoors.

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