Think about having a “get away from it all” space in your own backyard or inside your home. What a great way to exercise, cool off, relax, and unwind after a hard day’s work. Or, maybe you want to exercise in the water and enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy massage. You can do all of those things in your swim spa. Owing a swim spa would be great year-round family fun.

There are some points to consider when purchasing your new swim spa.

Cost is usually a primary consideration. The type of swim spa chosen will affect the cost. Besides the purchase price, other items to consider are the installation, delivery, energy, and the repair/maintenance costs. Installation costs will vary depending upon whether the swim spa will be placed outdoors, above or below ground. There will be costs for site preparation, such as landscape and grading cost, as well as electrical work expense and customization. Don’t forget the cover, spa cleaning supplies, maintenance parts and supplies, fun toys, initial water cost for filling the spa, and the electricity cost to run the spa jets, heater, and pumps. If the swim spa will be used on a year-round basis, or for only a few months of the year, the ongoing energy and maintenance cost need to be considered as part of the spa budget.

Size of the swim spa: When selecting the size of your new swim spa, think about purpose and style as well. Think about the reason you want to purchase a swim spa before selecting the size and style. The purpose of the spa will determine the size and area required for exercise, training, and family fun time.

Style of swim spa: Consider the purpose of the spa when selecting the style of your new swim spa. For exercise and training, consider an endless swim spa. Or, for combining family fun and healthy exercise, think about a swim spa that has massaging jets and an area for family fun and relaxation. These decisions must be made when choosing a swim spa style.

Design details: Swim spas can be used on a year-round basis. Spend a considerable amount of time when designing the swim spa layout and where it will be positioned, indoors or outside.

There are many details to ponder including any customization factors. Decide whether the spa should be an indoor or outdoor spa or above or below ground. Consider whether the spa should be placed in a deck outdoors or in a separate building or placed in a garage.

Placement and design of the spa will factor into the overall cost and spa budget. Spas are portable and they can be moved if the homeowner chooses to move to a new home. However, when planning your swim spa’s design, think about long-term plans and decide whether it should be positioned below ground (permanent placement) or above ground for portability reasons. Maintenance should be considered as a part of the overall budget and design plans. Well worth the investment, enjoy your new swim spa.

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