When you’re looking at adding a backyard water entertainment piece, you probably think pool or hot tub. But there is something out there that encompasses the best of various outdoor water entertainment features: the swim spa. Rather than choosing between them or spending an exorbitant amount of money on a massive water feature that has both, a swim spa is a compact version that gets you the best of all the worlds.

Fitness, entertaining, and relaxation can all be achieved through a swim spa, for far less hassle and money of constructing a pool.

They’re easier to maintain and less distracting if your goal is, ultimately, fitness. They’re a great way to capitalize on space without committing to something you’re not ready for or sure you want.

We’ve put together some great features that make swim spas superior to backyard swimming pools and other options out there. Start your research here.


Swim spas, being smaller than pools and naturally portable, are less of an investment. You can also take away other costs that come with pool installation: labor, fencing cost, cost of a patio or deck to accompany the pool. Swim spas are also more energy efficient, retaining 70% more heat than a pool loses while the filter is on and it’s fully functional, saving you money when the bills come in.

Fitness and Fun

One of the great advantages of a swim spa is their focus on fitness. They’re compact, with water resistance, that allows you to practice laps without the need for size or length of a pool. They’re also a more compact, less expensive way to get in water aerobics for those in need of low impact exercise options. Their small size makes them a safer option for pool fun for the smaller members of your family.

Easy Maintenance

Pools require constant attention, entire processes to open and close it each year, and are magnets for dirt, leaves, and other natural debris. Swim spas have removable insulation that keeps out debris without the hassle of “opening” and “closing” the unit every time. They’re more energy efficient and easier to clean with smaller space. And you can cut down on the amount of chemicals used.

Related Questions

How Much Is a Swim Spa?

The size of your swim spa is going to decide its cost. They can start as low as a few thousand dollars and get up as much as $30,000, depending on your add-ons. Features, jet power, and installation costs all factor into this but, regardless, it will be cheaper than a traditional pool.

How Large Are Swim Spas?

The largest swim spa available on the market is about 10 feet by 14 feet. Anything under that is a pretty standard size for a swim spa. The larger ones will be designed for swimmers and other people looking for serious fitness space, as well as those with larger families in need of more space.

If you’ve been dragging your feet on getting your backyard water feature, now might be the time to spring, and a swim spa might be the way to go!

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