Swimming spas provide more than a place to cool off on a hot summer afternoon. They also offer health benefits, low-impact aerobic exercise opportunities, a great way to socialize and unwind after a long day. While these advantages make swim spas attractive to most people, many homeowners wonder if a swim spa is worth the investment. From a home value perspective, a swim spa justifies a higher asking price. It also results in more buyer interest.

However, swim spas’ main benefits come from regular use that improves health and provides a higher quality of life.

Health Benefits

Health is one of the top reasons that homeowners install swim spas. Illness, injuries and stress all destroy quality of life and lead to additional health problems. Regular use of a swim spa helps correct health problems and prevent them in the first place. Major health benefits include the following:

Stress Reduction

In today’s day and age, stress has become a serious health concern. It often leads to high blood pressure and heart disease. High stress also results in lower immunity, fatigue and burn out. A swim spa offers a tremendous method for reducing stress. Worries and pressures melt away in the warm, therapeutic waters, leaving you refreshed and with a brighter outlook.

Improved Sleep

Deep sleep requires a relaxed mind and body. A swimming spa helps your muscles relax and your mind let go of the day’s events. Insomnia sufferers especially benefit, as a soak in a swim spa reduces tension and prepares the body to fall asleep naturally.

Increased Recovery Rate for Injuries

When you’re trying to get in shape, nothing is more frustrating than being set back by injuries. Swim spas provide the warmth that relaxes away pain from injured muscles and joints. The warm water increases blood flow and activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Weight Maintenance

In addition to helping you relax and recover from injuries; swim spas offer settings that allow you to swim against the level of current that suits your fitness level. Swimming is one of the best exercises for losing weight and building muscle tone.

Increased Muscle Strength

Searching for a low impact aerobic exercise? Swimming spas provide a perfect opportunity for an at-home workout with low injury risk. Swimming works the whole body, allowing you to build muscular strength throughout your body with an exercise that is safer and more effective than weightlifting. Because of the cardiovascular benefits, swimming also helps reduce blood pressure and ward off diseases that result from inactivity.

Better Flexibility

Inflexibility causes discomfort, pain and injury. Swimming stretches the whole body and a hot tub soak increases muscle length, allowing for better posture, increased mobility and higher injury resistance.

Treatment for Specific Illnesses


Treating arthritis provides challenges for doctors and patients alike. Symptoms often come and go, limiting activities and making daily tasks difficult. A swim spa provides the daily therapy that arthritis sufferers need. The warm water reduces stiffness and relaxes joints, providing quick relief from frustrating arthritis discomfort and pain.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease can cause muscular stiffness and mobility difficulties. Hydrotherapy has been recognized as a therapy that helps people with Parkinsonism manage their symptoms. Many physical therapy clinics use hydrotherapy to provide relief to patients with muscular conditions. A swim spa at home allows Parkinson’s patients to benefit from daily hydrotherapy, including exercise in the supportive aquatic environment.


Fibromyalgia causes pain throughout the body that can be reduced through hydrotherapy. As with arthritis, fibromyalgia sufferers often contend with stiff and painful muscles and joints. Exposure to warm water and gentle exercise allows muscles to lengthen and pain to decrease.

Neuromuscular Conditions

Neuromuscular conditions, such as multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy, also cause stiffness and pain in muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy helps patients achieve treatment goals. The buoyancy of water makes it possible for people with neuromuscular conditions to exercise without pain or risk of injury.

Swim spas provide health benefits that range from stress reduction to the treatment of complex neuromuscular conditions. Having a swim spa in the home is a great investment for those interested in improving their health and quality of life. In addition, swim spas provide fun and enjoyment for the whole family. Swim spa owners agree that their swim spas help them achieve health and happiness.

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