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If you’re wondering if you should get a hot tub, the answer is yes. If you’re asking if it should go inside or outside, the answer is we don’t know for sure. However, we do know that there are ups and downs to both options, and that some spa choices may work better than others.

Perks of Indoor Spas
When a hot tub is outside, it gets backyard debris, such as leaves, dirt, and insects. Flies and spiders in the spa bug everyone, and so does a decaying cover. When a wooden or leather cover is inside, it is safe from rain and pets, which can make the cover rot and tear. Best of all, it is safe from other people.

The main advantage of in-house hot tubs that they are private.

Privacy means that swimsuits are not required, and you don’t have nosy neighbors peeking in. Also, you don’t have to worry about what the weather is like. You won’t have to bare the cold on winter days! Despite the lack of exhibition indoor spas enable, they are not free of downsides.

Downsides of Indoor Spas
Installation can get expensive and require careful planning. The spa can go up to five thousand pounds when full of water, which requires either a strong floor or remodeling. Also, not every room has running water, so plumbing can require you to fork over some serious cash. Proper ventilation is also important, making sure there’s airflow to combat the smell of chlorine and also allow for steam to exit. Hot tubs will always cost money, but they can cost less.

Ups of Outside Spas
Outdoor spas are much cheaper than indoor ones, and the ground is a more promising installation space than a house floor. Also, outside hot tubs are great for outdoor parties and allow relaxation for more people. Plus, there is something quite relaxing about wading in a spa under a sky full of stars. The view may be beautiful, but not everything about outside tubs is glamorous.

Disadvantages of Outside Spas
Since they are outside, the chance of tracking dirt into the water is much greater. A way to reduce it is to wet your feet before entering, but even that will not remove all the dirt.

An outside spa is less private so wearing a bathing suit is wise especially if you have neighbors close by. If you live where it gets really cold and snows, exiting the hot tub can be tricky and unpleasant!

In short, the location of your spa is highly dependent on your budget, yard and home space, along with your individual preferences. In-home hot tubs are cleaner and more private, while outside ones are cheaper and come with a view. Either way purchasing a hot tub is always a great choice.

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