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Swim Spa enthusiasts love the continuous wave and water motion when using their swim spa. You can swim laps against a current without turning around compared to swimming laps in a pool. With a continuous flowing swim spa, there is no need to turn and flip. Swim Spas cost less to install and maintain than a swimming pool. Year-round use and faster installation, cost-effective maintenance as well as the versatility of use, make swim spas a superior choice over other types of aquatic exercise and therapy units.

Paradise Spas and Outdoor Living can help you select the perfect swim spa!

If you want a permanent type of swim spa, just add landscaping to create an inviting backyard family exercise center. However, swim spas are available as portable units that uniquely fit small spaces, unlike a swimming pool.

Customizable swim spas can be hot or cold and can sit above a deck as a self-contained moveable unit. With proper support and installation, they can be dropped into a deck surface. The depth, width, and length vary by type and size. Commonly, swim spas are constructed of heavy gauge insulated vinyl or acrylic shells. They have water pumps and propellers, jets, or paddle-wheels that move the water in continuous relaxing motion.

Swim Spas are not only great for fun daily exercise, they also provide a powerful therapeutic massage with warm relaxation benefits. They are great for low-impact aerobic exercise because they reduce bodily stress and impact versus other forms of exercise. But if relief from the summer heat is what you seek, a swim spa can provide cool energizing water fun for the whole family!

Other benefits include help with Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuromuscular conditions, rehabilitation for sports injuries, or recovery therapy from surgical procedures. Also, daily and weekly use of a swim spa for water aerobic exercise significantly reduced stress and pain.

If you are considering a swim spa, near Austin TX visit Paradise Spas and Outdoor Living today! Our American made swim spas generate the perfect balance, to match the swimmer’s fitness ability with the water current. Our swim spas are packed with premium options, featuring the best technology, performance, and luxury. Serving our local community surrounding Austin TX, we are here to help you find the perfect swim spa, call today!