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As the winter months approach, now is the time to decide if you want to close your hot tub for the remainder of the year or keep it open for winter use. Using your hot tub during the winter months to help with aching muscles and joints or just to enjoy a soak while gazing at the stars on a cold winter night sounds like fun; however, it also means taking added precautions to protect your hot tub investment. There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for the winter months.

Paradise Spas and Outdoor Living wants you to enjoy and benefit from your hot tub year-round.

Purchase plenty of hot tub cleaning supplies. Remember to stock up on cold weather beverages like hot cocoa and marshmallows (yum), so that you will not have to make a trip for supplies on ice-covered roads. Before the weather turns cold, get your hot tub ready for winter use by performing a thorough winter season maintenance review. Go through a checklist to make sure the hot tub is ready for winter use.

Change the water and perform a thorough cleaning. Periodically, check the water level. Check the air blower and replace clogged filters. Check pipes, vents, and the heater. Repair or replace the hot tub cover. Invest in a floating thermal blanket to save on hot tub heating costs. Check the outside of the tub to ensure that it is in good shape. If there is a deck around the hot tub, ensure that the walkway is clear and there are no damaged or loose boards. To avoid falling, ensure that the pathway to the tub is safe and free of debris.

To be safe during the winter months, keep the area around the hot tub free of ice and snow and wear shoes with safety treads. For infrequent use during the winter months, perform weekly and monthly maintenance checks. To save energy, maintain a constant water temperature and cover the hot tub when it is not being used. Use a floating thermal blanket.

Avoid long soaks in the hot tub. The suggested time limit is 10 to 20 minutes. It’s also a good idea to apply moisturizer to your skin. Wearing a hat to keep your hair dry and to help regulate your body temperature is also something to consider. After a gym workout, use the hydrotherapy benefits of your hot tub, they’re great! Relaxing in warmth is key. The hot tub water temperature is a matter of personal preference however, research shows that the temperature should be kept at a maximum range of 100 to 104 degrees and less if too hot for some guests.

A few tips to really pay attention to are to wear slip resistant shoes or slippers and to keep a robe or cover-up handy to avoid catching a chill. Always have some warm towels ready to grab and for fun and entertaining don’t forget the music!

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