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The phrase hot tub is practically synonymous with relaxation; but did you know that it can also be synonymous with the word healthy? Hot tubs have many relaxing properties which make the body feel and function better. Warm water has been associated with natural remedies, pain relief, and detoxification.

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Essential oils not only smell nice, but they have positive impacts on the body, and who wouldn’t want to swim in sweet-smelling water? Fragrances come in liquid, packet, and bath salt forms which make for easy use. Depending on what brand you purchase, the scents can be under ten dollars and well worth the money.

Inhaling peppermint essential oil can help clear the sinuses and soothe allergy symptoms, such as congestion and mucus buildup. Lavender oil also gives off a pleasant smell and allows the body to relax which can help ease anxiety and induce sleep for those who have difficulty going to bed. In addition to being used with a calming herb, hot tubs can also ease sore muscles.

Pain Relief
Heat is calming, which helps reduce pain, especially with arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation says that temperatures of ninety-two to one hundred degrees are good for arthritis, as well as lower back pain and fibromyalgia. It is also beneficial to take advantage of the pain relief and practice movement underwater so that it may be easier to move on land as well. However, you may want to adjust the swim current to fit your joints’ needs. If you require it, turn the current off. Make sure not to overheat, if you’ve been in the spa or tub for 20+ minutes and feel hot, it means you could be overheating. It is also recommended that you stretch as you leave the water for optimal health benefits. Hot tubs help get rid of pain along with other unwanted bodily issues.

Flushes Out Toxins
Due to their high temperature, it’s no secret that hot tubs make you sweat. What many readers may not know is that sweating is good for you.


Dr. Weil M.D., states on his website that this “sweat bathing” is quite beneficial. Sweat is various forms of waste exiting the body. Among this list is sodium, and even drugs, such as nicotine. If you swim in a hot tub or swim spa, you’ll sweat even more, which means your body will be left with even fewer toxins. This release allows the liver and kidney to work less on processing harmful substances. People with liver and kidney disease could benefit with heated water.


Hot tubs help many people unwind, but also allow people to live better in and out of the water. If you would like to receive these benefits and more, feel free to browse through our selection.

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