It’s no secret that home swim spas can set you back a pretty penny. So what’s behind the pricey purchase? It might surprise you to know that home swim spas are a fraction of the price of a full-size pool and offer twice the lifelong benefits with minimal maintenance and one-day installation!

So what are the payoffs to owning a swim spa?

We’re breaking down the financial, physical, emotional, and logistical benefits.

Pain Relief

If you’re one of over 50 million Americans who suffer from Arthritis or some form of joint and ligament pain, home swim spas can become an integral part of your physical therapy. The water buoyancy in swim spas provides healthy resistance for your joints while the warm water relieves aches and relaxes your muscles to promote increased flexibility. Improve your range of motion and exercise pain-free with a warm, depressurizing environment, customizable in the convenience of a home spa.

Winter Warmth

Swim spas aren’t just a summer treat. With the proper maintenance, they’re perfect for a chilly winter’s night. There’s nothing better than slipping into a steamy tub after a long day skiing the slopes or shoveling snow.

Stress Relief

Have you ever had a full-body massage? Do you remember leaving the spa feeling refreshed and clear-headed? What if you could experience that sensation every day from the convenience of your backyard? Say hello to your at-home masseuse. Stressful day at work? Come home and let the spa soak your troubles away. Worried about a packed day ahead? Quiet your mind with a hot water wake-up call.

Master Spas hot tubs and swim spas offer neck and shoulder seats specially designed to deliver a soothing massage at key pressure points. Enjoy additional features like foot massages, magnetic therapy proven to reduce pain and improve circulation, and a full-body relaxation with pressurized hot water jets that massage your lower back, hips, thighs, and calves.

Never again leave home with a knot in your neck and forget about struggling to sleep with shoulder tension that’s quite literally up to your ears. Nothing relieves tension like someone (or something!) physically soothing your stress pain away.

Stay Fit & Train Hard

Whether you’re an Olympic swimmer or aspiring athlete, swimming is a fantastic way to stay fit. Practice floating to improve core strength, swim laps to burn calories, perfect your backstroke, and improve water resistance with the jets on full blast. Water’s added resistance instantly enhances any workout meaning this backyard spa is more valuable than an overpriced membership to that fancy gym.


While swimming pool construction can take up to 12 weeks, swim spas are installed in one day. What’s more, once installed, maintenance is simple. There’s no need to turn off your tub or completely drain the spa after every use. Depending on how often you’re using the tub, test pH and chlorine levels weekly and adjust with chemicals accordingly. Change your filters every three months and completely drain the tub every six months.

Of course, owning a home swim spa also means a fitness center and stress-relieving spa lie at your fingertips year-round. The ultimate convenience.

Related Questions

How much value do home swim spas add to my home?

Depending on where you live, home trends in your neighborhood, and the quality of your hot tub, home swim spas may increase the value of your home or at least generate interest among potential buyers. According to Home Guides, landscaping can increase the value of a home an extra $16,500 to $38,100 on a $300,000 home. That’s averaging 5 – 12 percent more than a home with no landscaping.

Are swim spas safe for young children?

Swim spas come with heavy covers that are impossible for young children to remove and because swim spas are built above ground, the chance of young children falling in is eliminated.

Not to mention, owning a swim spa is a fantastic way to introduce your children to water safety. If they’re taking swimming lessons, swim spas are a great place to supplement lessons with at-home practice. Spas have customizable settings, meaning kids always experience the perfect temperature and endless resistance means there’s no need to pause. Swim lessons have never been more convenient or kid-friendly.


When you consider that a home swim spa is your one-stop-shop for fitness, training, relaxation, physical therapy, and year-round fun, the cost of initial installation and monthly maintenance feels minimal. Invest today and soak up every one of life’s benefits no matter the season.

Investing in a swim spa begins with research and a great place to start is Paradise Spas and Outdoor Living in Austin TX. As a preferred dealer of premium brand swim spas and hot tubs by Master Spas, we can help answer all your questions. Our experienced swim spa professionals will help you select the perfect swim spa that will meet your needs and budget. Luxury brands such as the Michael Phelps Signature Series and H2X are standouts with patented features and options that deliver an optimal swim experience. Call us today to learn more!