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As the weather gets warmer, the cool water seems more and more inviting. In fact, May is National Water Safety Awareness Month, because everyone knows the best place to be is in the water, but is it the safest? If you have young children playing in or near the water, a pool in the summer might seem like a danger zone.

However, if you own a swim spa or hot tub, the danger is present year-round.

Utilize this time of year to teach your kids how to be safe in and around the water. That way, you and your family can enjoy the water safely and worry-free 365 days a year.

Follow the water rules

No running, no jumping, no pushing; most children know the basics of pool play, but it is important to make sure they are fully informed. Especially in a swim spa or hot tub, strictly reinforce the no diving rule with kids. In addition, only swim spa/ hot tub/ pool appropriate toys should be used when swimming in each. This includes those highly entertaining pool floats that can still be dangerous.

Ensure that kids know how to enter and exit the spa safely, as well as wearing the appropriate attire for swimming. As simple as these rules may seem, it is always a good idea to refresh those little minds.

Supervise at all times around water

The first rule in keeping your kids safe around the water is by supervising your kids! Young children should never be unaccompanied in the water, regardless of if they know how to swim or not. Summer days are also for pool parties and large gatherings. Surprisingly, with so many adults present, this can be the worst time for supervision. In large crowds it is important to designate one to two adults to supervise all children in the water. Try rotating pairs so that everyone can have an enjoyable stress-free time!

Understand the spa equipment

Spa covers, lighting, temperature; keep your kids safe in the water by making sure that they understand the equipment. Spa covers should never be played on top of, underneath, etc. Spa covers should be completely removed before use. In addition, take precaution that there is adequate lighting for your little ones to play. Spa lighting is great for ambiance, but not ideal for brightness. Consider adding outdoor lighting to enjoy the water at night. Lastly, only utilize your swim spa or hot tub when it is the right temperature.

Learn to swim!

Once your child understands all these safety rules, another helpful tip is to simply teach them to swim. International Learn to Swim Day is May 18 and swim classes are well worth every penny! Swim toy, pool floats, pool games, and all the swim gear are excellent way to make learning to swim fun. Another exciting way to learn is in a swim spa. Swim spas are typically less deep than community pools, are temperature regulated for inviting water, and the lighting can be a cool accessory. Not to mention, the convenience of learning in a swim spa takes the pressure away from learning in a large class.

If you own a pool, hot tub or swim spa or frequent your local pool or beach, water safety is critical. Making sure everyone has a good time begins with water safety rules, so make sure to be safe and have fun all year long!

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