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Depression affects millions of people in the United States alone. Medication is the most common remedy, however, swimming and exercising in the water provides tremendous benefits to mental health, a way to decompress.

Being able to swim in the privacy of your own backyard with a swim spa yields stress relief, enjoyment and benefits mental health.

Whether it’s the pool, the beach, or a Master Spas swim spa or a hot tub, we can all agree that getting out of the water you’re always a lot happier than when you got in.

Swimming and depression

Any type of aerobic exercise, but especially swimming is well known to help alleviate depression. The fact is such exercise as swimming stimulates chemicals in the brain. Specifically, these chemicals influence mood and a stress-reducing hormone, both of which help control stress and anxiety, hence depression.

Stress relief

The first part of swimming and depression is that water itself can loosen the body and mind. In addition, the rhythmical movements of being in the water is relaxing and almost meditative.

Studies indicate that swimming can even help generate new cells that have otherwise deteriorated due to chronic depression and stress.

Healthier brain

It’s a physical fact that simply being in water actually boosts blood flow to the brain, which helps provide nutrients and oxygen. Whatever was being dampened by depression before, will at least be brought healthier, new life by simply being in the water.

There is even research that concludes that children who learn to swim earlier reach cognitive and physical milestones faster as if water and the brain were truly meant to be.

Improves social interaction

For individuals with depression, a large part that is missing is also social interaction. Although some prefer to swim alone, individuals who swim are more likely to find themselves in social situations such as in public pools, at the beach, etc.

There are team sports that even involve swimming. All of these things are conducive to a more positive social atmosphere for those battling depression.

The color alone

That’s right. Even right down to the color of the water, whether you’re in a pool, swim spa, or at the ocean, it’s always blue.

It is a well-known fact that the color blue simply improves mental well-being just by looking at it. So, if nothing else getting in the water can immediately make you feel calmer.

Types of water exercises

Once you’re in the water, there are a few exercises that may also help reduce depression. All of which are easy to do in a swim spa.

The first is simply walking in the water. That’s all it is. Walk as you normally would outside of the water, but let the calming movements relieve your anxieties.

Next, you can also try a variety of arm lifts. No matter which direction you choose to lift them, the ebb and flow of weight and pressure of the water being applied is soothing and good for the muscles.

Lastly a common movement is jumping jacks. If you really want to wash your troubles away, this fun and spontaneous move does just the trick.

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