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You love your hot tub; the way it looks, the way it feels, even the way it smells. It always smells nice, crisp, fresh, clean- doesn’t it? Until it doesn’t.

How do you get rid of chlorine odor from your hot tub or swim spa?

Don’t assume that the chlorine odor comes from poor maintenance, we’re sure you never forget to add shock, run the jets, or test the water, but sometimes that chemical smell just happens.

When it does, you can be ready, just follow these simple steps.

Why your hot tub smells?

The first thing to do to eliminate the chlorine smell is to figure out where it’s coming from. There are several reasons why it might smell a little off.

Ph levels– If your pH levels are too low, you’ll smell it, a pungent odor. If they’re too high, the smell will be stale. As a rule of thumb, keep your pH levels right around 7.4 to 7.6.

Sanitizer levels– The sanitizer in your spa is specifically there to eliminate odors in your pool, but it has to be at the right level to do the job. In order to make sure these levels are consistent, shock your spa every few weeks. The shock should eliminate the chlorine smell, just be sure to leave your hot tub cover open to let the gasses escape.

The hot tub cover– Although even while you’re leaving it open, your hot tub cover might actually be the reason behind the smell. Covers should not trap water, but eventually they do. Once your hot tub traps too much water, it turns into bacteria, and then comes the smell. Eliminating a chlorinated or bad odor might just be as simple as replacing your spa cover.

How to test the chlorine in your spa

If you don’t want your hot tub to smell like chlorine, make sure you have the right amount in your spa. There are two factors: free chlorine and total chlorine. Total chlorine should never be more than free chlorine in your spa. If it is, you must shock the water. Then, wait 24 hours, retest and re-smell; the odor should be as good as gone.

Other hot tub maintenance tips

The three main rules of hot tub maintenance include: circulate, scrub, and filter.

Circulating the water in your hot tub encourages the water to pass through the filters, and therefor get clean. Some spas might have an automatic circulation feature, otherwise, don’t forget to turn yours on.

Like anything else in your home, you should make it a point to physically scrub your spa. A little white vinegar on the jets is simple and environmentally safe.

By following these simple care tips and others for your spa, you’ll know exactly how to put those smelly odors to rest.

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